Sunday, 31 July 2011

Being Creative Gallery - Summer

I really like this month's Being Creative theme, it provides so many different options to make something pretty! I thought for a long time about what I should make and in the end it took one extremely enjoyable bike ride with my husband for me to make my mind up.

I have been admiring blooming summer meadows for weeks now. I simply adore the colours they offer, from neutral whites and creams to vibrant pinks and violets, and the smell of fresh flowers blooming in the field cannot be compared to anything - yarrow, meadow clary, buttercups, shasta daisies, bluebells, goldenrods... oh my!

The area where I live provides us with abundance of quiet country lanes for cycling. The other day my husband and I embarked on an evening ride towards a secluded village not far away from our town. We followed the road along the edge of the forest and throughout our journey we were blessed with the sights and smells of the most gorgeous summer meadows. I inhaled every bit of the fresh air I could get and the entire time there was one thing in my mind - how could I capture this moment and make it eternal?

After we'd come home I started stitching. The image must have grown in my mind during the bike ride and this is what came out. A pretty little embroidery of a summer meadow! I wasn't entirely sure what to do with it at first but then it crossed my mind that I could not only capture the sight but also the smell so I made a little bag and filled it with lavender.

I love the smell of lavender - even though it doesn't entirely match the smell of a summer meadow it does remind me of summer and this little bag is now a faithful companion on my summer outings.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Houses & Blossoms

Monday's outfit. I'm wearing a trenchcoat and leather boots. Leather boots!!! At the end of July! And I don't live in the southern hemisphere!

Sorry about all those exclamation marks. It's just really difficult to comprehend, this awfully cold and rainy weather at this time of year. I don't mind lower temperatures, really, I like to put on my coat, but my body desperately needs the warmth (the heat, to be honest) of the sun and summer months are the ideal opportunity to stock up for colder seasons. None of that this year, I'm afraid!

Anyway, I wore this outfit for a day trip to the capital, for a meeting & lunch with a good friend. It was lovely, the weather doesn't bother me at all when I spend time with my favourite people!

If you checked yesterday's post you can see that I'm wearing a few of the items from the 'Three Things' list - I love my new house earrings and the precious flower brooch, so delicate and pretty!

I'm wearing:

- boots - Alpina (local brand)
- socks - no idea
- skirt - local boutique, I guess, many years ago
- cardi - Monsoon
- tank top - see 'skirt'
- trenchcoat - Zara
- belt - Brora
- scarf - fairtrade boutique in the capital
- earrings, brooch - hand-made by Marysia
- crochet bag - I made it!

I hope at least some of you are having a warmer summer!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Three Things

... that put a smile on my face in the middle of our July winter (ten degrees Celsius in the morning!):

- a pretty bloom from my little girl

- my gorgeous new jewellery, two brooches and a pair of house earrings, hand-made by my dear friend Marysia

- my silk embroidered belt from Brora, on sale (sold out, actually, I'm afraid...)

Technically speaking, these are more than three things, but who's counting :)

Monday, 25 July 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week I'm very much grateful for:

- a new baby boy in our circle of friends, born last Saturday.
Congratulations, little A's mummy & daddy, and big brother J!
- my husband & I being godparents to a little girl at her christening in a fortnight.
We feel extremely honoured!
- our friends' little girl's nameday party yesterday afternoon, an enjoyable gathering of friends old (the parents) and young (the children)
- the party which followed the above-mentioned one, celebrating the birth of little A
- the lunch with my husband & our dearest friend in the capital today

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hurry Up, Mr Postman!

Any day now... I got a pair of these last week but the sole on the heel cracked after only two wears so I sent them back. A replacement is already on the way, I've been told. Apart from the cracked sole, they're absolutely gorgeous, and as I don't wear heels very often, it's kind of nice to feel taller for almost four inches!

The bottom pair says 'summer' to me and because both pairs of sandals were on summer sale I kindly invited them into my home!

Patiently waiting for the postman, should be any day now... Thank you, Boden!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Weekend Hiking

It was a lovely afternoon. With our dear friends, we set off for the hills south of our hometown -

imagine unspoilt nature, clear waters,

windy hill peaks,

precious flora,


virgin forests,

tiny churches,

old castles...

... with tourist information boards in English!...,

forgotten villages...

We live in a beautiful part of the world!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week I'm saying thank you for:

- Saturday's night out with the girls - it's been a while!
- yesterday's hiking trip with friends
- cycling with my husband & kiddies
- summer sandals
- delicious courgettes from our garden, and lots of them!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Very Exciting!

I love shopping. You know that, right, with all those new acquisitions premiering on my blog? Living in a small town, though, I don't get to visit a wide range of shops all that often. Which is why I have become a big fan of online shopping!

Every now and then I take a moment to share my picks with you, be it from Etsy or various fashion retailers. This summer I have been very much impressed with the trend of maxi dresses, so today I'm giving you a pick of what I'd love to wear - and my budget wouldn't really suffer all that much!

I came across these gorgeous numbers at a recently discovered website,, which, in my opinion, is a shopper's paradise! So many things at your disposal and many of them oh so very affordable! It would be a shame not to treat yourself to that perfect summer dress! I actually might give it a try...

So, these beauties definitely caught my eye:

Mint Velvet Layered Maxi Dress

I love the delicacy of this breezy summer dress which could easily be worn for an informal summer wedding. Pair it with some white flat sandals and a white straw hat and you're all set!

Vicky Martin Emme One Shoulder Maxi Dress

First of all, I fell in love with the colour of this one. And then the cut. Oh my! I'd definitely add a corsage, of course - or two...

South Crinkle Maxi Dress

Another gorgeous summer dress - it comes in a variety of colours but this blue one would be my choice - it reminds me of the ocean!

Glam By Caprice Halter Maxi Dress

I just looove this dress. An outdoor summer concert perhaps? Picnic under the stars? A walk on the sandy beach, maybe? Anything, as long as I get to wear it and have someone by my side to admire it, too!

South Printed Halter Maxi Dress

After all those yummy colours this was an obvious choice - a rainbow of the lot! I must say that this is my favourite of them all - great cut and lovely pattern in pretty summery colours - what's not to like? And the price is very reasonable... Hmmm...

Should you feel tempted, do visit - you never know, you might find that dress you've always been dreaming of!

P.S.: I'm posting this in association with but the choice of items and the opinions on them are entirely my own. I would never accept sponsorship from someone whose products I wouldn't believe in and wouldn't be prepared to purchase myself. This is my very first sponsored post and I promise to tell you whenever something like this occurs again. Thank you!

Friday, 15 July 2011

More Crochet

Yesterday I told you all about my beautiful new crochet bag and today I'm presenting a faithful companion, a pretty little crochet purse!

I love making Granny Squares and after having made a couple of tiny ones I wasn't quite sure what to do with them but then got a brilliant idea - why don't I make a purse? There is definitely a shortage of purses in our household...

I do love my little purse. I hand-sewed the lining and even attached the zip with my own hands! I'm thinking about making some more and then perhaps try to sell them... or give them as gifts, more likely!

Last but not least, I made this doilie a while ago, when I was learning how to make crochet hexagons (great instructions over at MeMe Rose, thank you so much!).

DSC02245 by Angels&Blossoms

Enjoy the weekend!