Saturday, 29 May 2010

Summer's Coming

I can feel it! I'm still wearing tights, though... And not only because these are really gorgeous... The weather has been lovely in the last few days, despite the occasional showers. I'm really enjoying the outdoors.

After shopping for the necessary ingredients with my girl in the morning (and spending some time sitting outside the local cafe sipping a latte with my Mum & Dad) I spent today's afternoon baking all sorts of goodies for tomorrow's big day - it's my boy's First Holy Communion! I made some brownies, Jamie Oliver's 'Lovely Lemon Curdy Pud' (it's oh so yummy!) and a lovely strawberries & cream sponge cake. Pics to follow!

I'm wearing:

flats - Boden (girls' range)
tights - Calzedonia
bermudas - H&M
pink suede belt - TopShop
white top - Benetton
pinstripe jacket - Labod (local brand)
sunglasses - Madonna for H&M
bag - Laura Ashley
corsage (on bag) - TopShop
angel brooch & self-made bow
earrings - Etsy (BeadsByEvelyn, embellished by me)

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Friday, 28 May 2010

More Pink Butterflies

Remember my favourite dress? Well, it has a companion. As seen in today's outfit. Pink butterflies cardi! I really love the pattern and when I saw this cardigan on sale I just had to have it. It goes quite well with the dress, would you believe it (I know it's the same pattern but very often too much of a good thing spoils everything, right?) - I'll post the proof as soon as I get to wear the two together.

I'm wearing:

flats - Boden (girls' range)
trousers - Playlife
skinny belt - H&M
white tank top - Get
cardi - Ivko
wooden beads - TwoWay
corsage (on beads) - TopShop
bag - Barbour
corsage (on bag) - Accessorize (embellished by me)
angel bracelet, earrings...

P.S.: Found perfect new setting for the pics - the lawn behind our block of flats! How come I've never thought of it before...?

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

All Sorts Of Favourites

Updated post, finally!

Today's outfit. I absolutely love it (even though you couldn't say that from the pic - it was taken by my son and at the time I was telling him off something or other...). I do love how all these items came together, though. Some people are already spending their days in shorts and T-shirts. Sadly, I'm not one of them. I need considerably higher temperatures to show off bare arms & legs!

I'm wearing:

flats - Camper
skinny jeans - Miss Bonbon
tunic - H&M
waistcoat - Miss Selfridge
Liberty necklace & bracelets - handmade by me
angel earrings, bracelets, pendant...
bag - Barbour
corsage (on bag) - Accessorize (embellished by me)

At the moment, I'm truly and honestly in love with my Liberty accessories!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Agatha For My Girl

Another 'cheating' post - it's a day late. Oh well...

Some time ago I told you about my obsession with the Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. I still love what she does and I'm always happy when I find her designs in Slovenian shops.

The other day, on one of my trips to the capital, I spotted these beauties in a large outlet store just outside the city. I immediately asked my little girl over the phone 'Would you like to wear pink sandals with flowers this summer?' Being a girly girl (my girl) she gave me an enthusiastic 'Yes!' Obviously she doesn't mind that the sandals are not the latest collection... and neither do I, considering the outlet price...

I grabbed her size and took a good look around the boxes if there happened to be a size 4 pair around anywhere... (Un)Fortunately, there wasn't!

Like mother, like daughter!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Sunday Best

I'm really sorry, but I'm cheating a little bit. I had some severe problems with my computer and I couldn't post for the last couple of days. And now I'm posting pics that I meant to blog - with the dates they were meant to be blogged on!

I wore this outfit to church yesterday (Sunday, of course...). I like it a lot even though this is not my everyday casual style. It's my Sunday best... I feel comfortable wearing this dress but I can still hardly wait to change into my 'usual' attire when I get home. Kind of strange, isn't it?

I'm wearing:

shoes - Geox
tights - no idea
dress - made by my Mum's seamstress
skinny belt - H&M
floral cardi - Tulchan
leather bag - Wallis
pearl necklace - hand-me-down from my Mum
corsage - H&M hairclip, embellished by me

It was one glorious Pentecost Sunday!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Pink Butterflies

Yesterday's outfit. One of my favourite dresses. I bought it for my friend's wedding last year. Styled as seen on the bottom pic, on the left.

I wear it a lot but somehow it hasn't found its way on the blog yet (well, actually, I wore it here, at my birthday party for the girlfriends). These days I put it over my skinny jeans and if it's cold I add the green Boden coat or my fake leather jacket.

I'm wearing:

sneakers - Adidas
skinny jeans - Miss Bonbon
dress - Ivko
white top - Get
wooden beads - TwoWay
corsage (on beads) - TopShop
angel earrings & bracelets
Liberty bracelet
TreeTwist bracelet

My friend's wedding, 13 June 2009.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Going Teen

Today's outfit. I feel a bit like a teenager but I do love it. It's simple, it's comfortable, it's me.

I'm wearing:

shoes - Camper
jeans - Levi's 501
top - my son's!
(with a very special print - more about it on another occasion!)
fake leather jacket - Madonna
Liberty necklace - self-made
earrings - Etsy (BeadsByEvelyn; embellished by me)

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Never Ending Story

I told you yesterday there was more to come, didn't I? Well, here it is.

1. Another Chunky Liberty Necklace - with smaller beads and single pattern.

2. Two Liberty Tissue Holders - one for larger and one for smaller tissues. What's with the satin bows? Another obsession...?

Nothing else for now. Plenty of Liberty fabric scraps left, though. Awaiting new ideas and 'Liberty' (= free) afternoons...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Liberty Crafting Continues

As promised, some more of my Liberty crafting. This is what I have been doing with little scraps of Liberty fabric I purchased on Etsy:

1. Key Fob Wristlet - I made a braid with three straps of Liberty fabric, sewed them together, put on a bow and voila - this is the result! It's incredibly practical, you clip it on your keys which can then be worn around your wrist (while you need them, that is, not as an accessory...). My hands are kept free for all the bags I carry up and down the stairs day in and day out... and yet the keys are always 'at hand'!

2. Brooch & Two Pairs of Clip-On Earrings - aren't these just the cutest thing? The brooch & matching earrings used to be 'dressed' in coloured silk but I prefer them in their new outfit...

3. Three More Bangles - in cream & green & burgundy colours this time. Another set of rather ugly plastic bangles clad in lovely Liberty fabric!

4. Last but not least - my very favourite, actually - Chunky Liberty Necklace! Oversized beads clad in Liberty fabric, put on a satin ribbon with some wooden beads - best thing I've seen in ages!

And... there's more to come!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Art Swap!

Yay, I'm participating in an Art Swap, courtesy of the lovely Franca from Orangesandapples! What I need to do is make something (anything I like as long as it's handmade – I do that, you know!), find six people to do the same, and send my contribution to an address provided by Franca.

I'm asking six bloggers to participate – I'll leave a comment on your blog or send you an email. Please please please join the fun!

I've picked:

Alison from Tweed Thoughts
Janet from The Empty Nest
'Angel' from Kissed By An Angel
'Teena' from Kitschen Pink
'Teeny' from Teeny And Yet Not Teeny At All
Aileen from Aileen Clarke Crafts


Make one work of art/craft and send it to the person whose name is listed under #1.

Contact six other friends/bloggers and invite them to participate in this art swap. Let them know that they just need to send out one piece of art. It can be anything you can make: a little drawing, a print, a comic, a photo, a felted creation; whatever fits your niche and mood, and can be dropped in the mail within a week or two.

Once people agree to participate, delete the name and address listed on #1, replace it with #2's details ( in this case my details... ), then list your name and address under #2. Send it out as an email.

That's it! We should all have some fun!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Blossom Meets Poppy

Remember my post on this Liberty doll? And her soul sister (I was referring to their respective owners, naturally)?

I went to see my friend yesterday. She's out of the hospital, but she needs to spend some time at the rehabilitation institute to make sure her leg works properly after a very bad knee injury.

Blossom came along, of course (she lives in my bag inner pocket, remember?). She and Poppy had a long chat on a picnic blanket... and so did the other people in the room - picnic partly included in the form of a yummy snack for my friend!

This is where Poppy resides at the moment. I sincerely hope she will soon be able to move to the more pleasant surroundings - the comfort of my friend's home.

Get well soon, R.!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Just An Ordinary Day

Rainy and cold. But a happy one. My boy's plaster cast (second round this year!) came off today. I hope his leg will be fine now.

You can see some results of my recent crafting on the pics. I've promised a more detailed post, and I intend to keep my promise.

I'm wearing:

flats - Camper
knee-high socks - Polzela (local brand)
jeans - Miss Bonbon
tunic - La Redoute
top - labod (local brand)
angel earrings, pendant, bracelets
Liberty bracelet, bangles & necklace! - self-made

Liberty obsession still growing!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Inspiration: The Notebook

Just a few images from one of my favourite films based on one of my favourite books: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.

A wonderful and inspirational love story.

I read the book several years ago. I loved it.

I only saw the film last week. Loved it just as well (although in my opinion no on-screen adaptation can beat a good book...).

Do you have any favourites?

P.S.: All images from various websites about the film.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

But two birds on the skirt are priceless! I'm still in love with my Boden skirt and I have already announced the frequent presence of the said skirt on this blog. So here we go again...

Yesterday's outfit. Check the boots! And it's 'the merry month of May'! I can't help it, the temperatures are really low for this time of year and despite my undying affection for this pair of boots I honestly wouldn't mind if I were able to wear flats just a teeny weeny bit more often. Ah well...

I'm wearing:

boots - Humanic
tights - Polzela (local brand)
skirt - Boden
mustard top - Mana
turquoise top - Laura Ashley
belt - H&M
angel pendant, earrings, bracelets
Liberty bangles (I made some more, post to follow!)

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Party, Party, Party

I had a lovely weekend. Two birthday get-togethers and re-visiting some dear friends. A good old chat in English. Scones! Pizza! Some really delicious tea (orange-flavoured roiboos)!

This is what I wore on Saturday evening for the girls' night out. We went to the local coffee room and had a lovely time together.

It was very cold outside. I put on my court shoes and my legs and feet nearly froze. I'd been wearing boots all winter - and it's still not over!

I wore:

suede court shoes - Tamaris
tights - Polzela (local brand)
coat - Boden
skirt - Boden
jacket - Tom Tailor
top - Marks&Spencer
belt - came with a pair of trousers
scarf - Etsy (AliceCaroline/on maternity leave!)
angels in various forms

On Sunday evening I drove to the capital for another friend's birthday. I asked my Mum to make this lovely bouquet - all flowers came from her front garden! She's really good at making bouquets, and she enjoys it immensely.

Last but not least, my friend made some absolutely delicious pizza with wild garlic (I'm not sure this is the actual English word for this herb but I couldn't find any appropriate translation). It tastes like mild garlic and it's absolutely divine (too bad I didn't have any because I'm on a fast; she made the same thing last year, though, which is why I know it's delicious...).

Friday, 7 May 2010

Two Bloggers' Inspired Outfits

I always search for ideas how to put together items from my closet when I go through your blogs, dear style and fashion bloggers. Today I'm posting two examples of your inspiration. I enjoyed wearing these outfits!

The first outfit, worn yesterday, was inspired by the lovely and imaginative and she-really-has-her-way-with-words Jane from The Small Fabric Of My Life. She wore something similar on her trip to Seville and when I saw her I immediately knew I had items in my wardrobe to put together my own version.

I bought this dress on sale six years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. It's a girls' dress from Benetton and I used it as a maternity summer dress... I loved it, though! Everyone complemented my looks and I truly and honestly was one radiant expectant mother! I still like wearing my spots - sometimes as a dress, or as a skirt. I've never worn it over a pair of skinny jeans before, though.

I'm wearing:

- boots - Humanic
- jeans - Miss Bonbon
- dress - Benetton (girls' range)
- shirt - Playlife
- belt - H&M
- wooden beads - TwoWay
- corsage - my Mum's
- angel earrings, pendant, bracelets
- Liberty bracelet

Today's outfit was inspired by the colourful and cheerful bride-to-be Franca from Orangesandapples. I love the way she combines her colours, and I like her smiling pics. Her outfit photos always make my day!

I'm wearing:

- flats - Hush Puppies
- knee socks - Polzela (local brand)
- jeans - as before
- shirt dress - McKinley
- vest - S. Oliver
- mustard top - Mana
- angel accessories as before
- Liberty bracelet & bangles

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

(P.S.: I know I will. I have two birthday parties coming up plus I'm visiting some Brits who live in the south of Slovenia so I'll get a chance to actually speak and hear some proper English again! Yay!!!)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Yet More Liberty

A few more things I crafted with my lovely scraps of Liberty fabric off Etsy:

- three badges in pink

They go lovely with my Pink Stripe Shirt from Tulchan, don't you think? I made them from some old Snoopy badges I had when I was little. Good bye, Peanuts, hello, Liberty!

- a tiny fabric book

It doesn't serve any particular purpose. Just an acessory. I love Liberty fabric so much that I want to have swatches with me at all times... I got the idea for this 'book' from Etsy - check it out!

I ordered two 'Liberty Scraps Grab Bags' in red and purple shades. I loved them so much I ordered another two in red (different patterns) and pink! I'm expecting them sometime next week.

- three Liberty bangles

I bought three hideous plastic bangles and clad them in lovely Liberty fabric ribbons - absolutely gorgeous!

- corsage with a self-covered Liberty button

What can I say? I'm only so slightly obsessed with Liberty fabric at the moment. I'm sure it will pass. And I'm in no pain whatsoever!

Good luck to everyone in Britain - you're waking up with a new government tomorrow!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Stripes (And No Stars)

I felt like wearing these tights today. I love their (just enough) colourful stripes. But every time I put them on (which is not all that often) there's this little voice inside my head whispering 'What were you thinking, for crying out loud? (here we go again, playing with words...) These are tights with horizontal stripes - need I say more?'

But then I see my legs in the mirror and I don't feel so bad (What are a few of YOUR favourite things?). Seeing the pics I'm not sure what to think. I'm not crazy about this outfit. I don't totally dislike it, though. Help me, please!

I'm wearing:

flats - Killah
tights - pricey brand, forgot what it was, though (they were on sale)
skirt - Tom Tailor
jacket - Tom Tailor
shirt - Think Pink (girls' range)
top - Benetton
angel earrings, bracelets, pendant...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dear Johnnie...

The new Boden Summer 2010 catalogue came in the post this morning. Even though everything is available online these days, I still like the feeling of good old-fashioned paper running between my fingers. And I completely adore their Summer Range. Here are a few of my favourites pieces (plus I've just figured out how to add more than five images on the blog in one go so please excuse the outburst of pics in today's entry!):

Rosette Top in Multi Painted Stripe

Beaded Neck Kaftan in Dark Turquoise

Fun Dress in Petrol

Fun Skirt in Dark Turquoise Butterflies

Portofino Blazer in Light Navy Ticking Stripe

Silk Tunic in Multi Super Flower

Fun Necklace in Bluebell

Hotchpotch Top in Marine Petal

Fun Dress in Cream

Colourblock Wedges in Leaf

What I particularly like about their fashion is that they have so many 'Fun' items in their wardrobe. Aren't they a pleasure - and fun - to wear?