Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Capital - What I Wore

This is what I wore on our July trip to the capital.

Morning version: Buffalo London ballet flats, Wallis skirt, Get T-shirt, Boden cardigan, bracelet & tote, Joules scarf (on tote), M&S sunglasses, pink spiral ring (gift from friend)

Later-in-the-day version: Alpina leather sandals (local brand, the softest and the most comfortable pair of sandals ever worn!), leather bag (borrowed from best friend)

A snack of yummy cherries :)

Friday, 30 August 2013

Enjoying The Capital

Sometime in July my Mum, my little girl and I visited the capital. There was an art fair on the river bank and my cousin had a lovely stall there with her absolutely gorgeous products that we really wanted to see. It was an incredibly enjoyable day.

- no idea what this was about, but I loved the view :)

- no comment needed, right?

- a pretty square by the river

- my cousin's stall - oh, the colours!

- and some more...

- a little something for 'green' cyclists...

A day to remember!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Outfit Archives

Some outfits I wore this summer:

- going to church: Boden dress, Brora belt, Boden tote, Joules scarf (on tote), local boutique heels

- running errands I.: Joules shirt & jeans, Benetton belt, Buffalo London ballet flats, Oriental shop beads, Boden bracelets

- visiting parents: Boden top, Etirel bermuda shorts, local supermarket belt, Boden sandals, borrowed leather bag, local boutique bead necklace, M&S sunglasses, S. Oliver watch

- running errands II. (early-morning version & later-in-the-day-with-possible-showers version): Labod skirt, Get top, Joules scarf, Ipanema sandals, Cath Kidston trainers, Urko jean jacket, Boden bracelets, Cath Kidston badges

Getting considerably chillier now!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Brown Paper Packages...

... Tied Up With Strings...

Well, not literally, but I do like to get a lovely package from Boden. These were the contents of the latest arrival:


 Heeled Brogue

 Sixties Jumper 

The Shirt

Oh, the possibilities!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

I'm Back :)

Wow, it's been a month! We're back from our seaside holiday, back from our cycling tours, back from our hiking trips with friends... A week from tomorrow the children will be back in their classrooms, starting their music lessons, ballet class, religious lessons again... Yes, autumn is officially on the way!

We're still catching the last free moments to hang out with friends, celebrating birthdays, namedays, just-because days... and looking forward to spending time together in the cooler months as well!

We had a lovely time at the seaside, we spent nine days at our usual place on the Slovenian coast, we swam, we hiked, we cycled, we ate yummy food... I'll have some pictures ready for you as soon as I handle my camera :)

In the meantime, let me share my current reading with you, a fascinating story by an intriguing young author - I've only just begun reading the book but I have a feeling that it's going to be unputdownable. It's called The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht.

Photo: source

I'm sincerely looking forward to a new blogging season!