Friday, 30 September 2011

Being Creative Gallery - Autumn

OK, I realise this is getting slightly out of control. Last month I posted one of my old projects. This month, I'm not even posting my own project! But, with both children starting school again, which also includes their afternoon activities, and with my husband still being partly disabled (left wrist still in plaster cast, hopefully only three days to go!), I simply cannot find any time for crafting. I hope things will get better next month :)

However, autumn is my favourite season and I really didn't want to miss this month's project. And, since creativity runs in the family, I paid a visit to my Mum's house. Ta-dah! I'm presenting one of her latest projects, her 'dry leaves & flowers' wall - isn't it gorgeous?

She had been collecting the material for quite some time, and managed to finish the display a while ago. She's very happy with the result, and so am I! I think it's absolutely and utterly gorgeous!

Sooo, please excuse me for not really being creative this month, I promise to make something for the October gallery!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

In Our Garden

- me & my little helper

- our aubergine in bloom

- our yummy tomatoes

-our basil (goes really well with the above!)

- our peppers

- last but not least, delicious carrots

And I'm only a beginner!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Outfit Post

Blue dress - take six! I haven't posted an outfit for a while, so here it is. Worn on Sunday, to church. I put on my favourite item from this past summer - the incredibly versatile blue dress! I've worn it a lot already and it still gets an enormous amount of wear paired with my skinny jeans. There will definitely be more of it to see in the weeks to come!

This time I wore it with a blue polka dot Laura Ashley scarf slash obi belt and a linen jacket, and I added some red for the fun of it!

I purchased this gorgeous vintage print Laura Ashley messenger bag in London four years ago when I spent a long weekend there with some friends.

The peeptoes do not represent my usual footwear as I'm more of a ballerina flats girl but I do tend to wear heels for church. God knows why.

You may have noticed a slight change in my hair do as well - I finally managed to find some time to have my roots dyed and then I decided to have the split ends chopped off as well. I'm quite pleased with the result. For now...

Things are slowly getting better on the home front, the huge project was finished - and I'd like to thank everyone here who had put down some words of encouragement during the stressful time. My husband's broken arms (left wrist, right elbow) are healing slowly as well, and at this point I'm really happy to have him home. I haven't spent so much time with him since we were married!

Life is good.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Birthday Cakes

Sooo, these are the cakes I made for my little girl's birthday celebrations!

She wanted a four-leaf clover for the party with her girlfriends...

... and the chocolate smiley one was made for the celebration with family & friends.

These are both chocolate cakes - my girl is not a fan of fruit cakes!

My birthday girl helped with the decorating, of course. And yes, the cakes were absolutely delicious!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week, my dear friends, I'm very much grateful for:

- the lovely weekend of birthday celebrations
- our friends & family who attended
- my husband & our wonderful marriage
- the christening of my brother-in-law's sweet little granddaughter
- an unexpected invitation
- my family

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Second bloggiversary today, yay!

Photo: source

The cake for my little girl's party tomorrow is in the oven, so I've had to borrow a picture for my bloggiversary one! She would like to have a four-leaf clover this year. Green, of course. Yummy. Will keep you posted :)

P.S.: A celebratory giveaway to come - as soon as I can find time to breathe, so watch this space!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


My little girl is turning seven today.

A proper cake (or two...) to follow over the weekend.

Happy birthday, my baby!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week, my friends, I'm saying thank you for:

DSC01351 by Angels&Blossoms

- wellies, coming handy again after weeks of hot summer weather

- cycling with my boy

- crossing things off my to-do list

- finding a little time for myself

- an incredibly enjoyable birthday picnic our family attended last Saturday

- meeting my British friends and having a proper chat

- Agatha Christie, still

Monday, 12 September 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week I'm thankful for:

Photo: source

- the fact that I work from home, which means I can take care of my children plus my husband with both his arms in plaster cast

- my husband having joined our local choir

- working in the garden

- the abundance of yummy vegetables from said garden

- Agatha Christie's books

Friday, 9 September 2011

Seaside Cycling

It's been three weeks since we returned home from our seaside holiday. A lot has happened in these three weeks. My husband had a bad cycling accident (both arms in plaster cast as of yesterday!), I managed to translate eighty-five pages (of densely printed text) in seventeen days (Slovenian into English), my boy and my girl are back to school.

Our seaside holiday seems like ages and ages ago. We had a great time, though, and memories of enjoyable moments are always welcome when life gets a little rough.

We usually take our bikes to the seaside, there are some absolutely wonderful cycling paths in that part of our country. This year was no exception. The only problem is that I very rarely remember to take my camera along, I only make mental pictures of the absolutely breathtaking scenery.

These pictures were taken in the town of Koper, Slovenia, where we cycled along the coastline from our holiday resort, fifteen kilometres away. The cycling path between Portorose and Koper is truly enjoyable, winding its way through old railway tunnels, sweet-smelling vineyards and peach orchards. Heaven on Earth, I tell you.

It somehow never occurred to me to actually take a picture of us cycling or at least one of our bikes, but here we are, relaxing after our first half of the ride, and after some delicious ice cream, at one of Koper's beautiful lush and green parks.

P.S.: This is how our little girl manages to push her Lil Stardust for thirty kilometres...

Monday, 5 September 2011

Weekly Gratitude

On the first Monday in September I am really, really grateful for:


- my almost finished work project - I have been absolutely too busy to live at the moment (hence my lack of blogging) and I can't wait for this to be over

- the most wonderful tweedy surprise from my blogging friend Alison that came in the post this morning; it couldn't have come at a better time!

- my boy and my girl, back to school after their summer holiday

- pretty little things that bring sunshine into my life; I really need that right now!

- daisies