Monday, 30 August 2010

Weekend Wear

An awful lot of pictures today, so I'll go easy on the text. Still testing my picture-self-taking skills... The first lot is Saturday's outfit, the second one yesterday's.

Saturday (pics courtesy of my tiny tripod & timer):

flats - Nike
skirt - Labod (local brand)
stripy top - Zara
cardi - Zara
belt - TopShop
wooden beads - TwoWay
badges - Cath Kidston (Windsor Castle); Leonardo (Union Jack)

Sunday (pics courtesy of my husband):

sandals - Mum's hand-me-downs
dress (worn as skirt) - Benetton
ruffled blouse - Nara Camicie
belt - H&M
beaded bag - Benetton (Mum's)
angel pendant, bracelet


Friday, 27 August 2010

Thursday Afternoon

The second outfit from yesterday, when it got too warm for my cosy Petit Bateau top and my red Nike flats. I kept the cropped trousers because they're really light and perfect for the summer heat.

I even went into trouble of changing my jewellery, I felt I needed something turquoise. Hence the ring and the earrings.

I went shopping in the afternoon, we ran out of a few things, and my bike basket is absolutely perfect for a quick ride to the supermarket and for picking up some groceries.

I'm wearing:

wedge sandals - Marx
cropped trousers - Playlife
top - Playlife
bag - Zara
necklace - Haba
earrings - market at our usual seaside resort, years ago

I'm riding:

Electra Cruiser Peacock...
...and loving it!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Thursday Morning

Today's (morning) outfit. It got warmer during the day and I did something rather unusual for me - I changed in the afternoon. Pictures of the afternoon outfit to follow.

I really like this top but it's much too warm for a hot late August day. I bought it several years ago - it's children's size, I think I'm wearing a top for eight-year-olds...

My trusted old Nike flats - rather worn-out but still very comfortable. Only slightly too warm for a hot late August day...

I'm wearing:

flats - Nike
cropped trousers - Playlife
top - Petit Bateau
bag - Zara
bracelet - Haba
watch - Seiko (his&her wedding present from a good friend
- almost 15! years ago)

Last but not least - my Haba bracelet. Haba is a German brand for children's toys & stuff; they make really pretty things and I'm always tempted to purchase their products...

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Silver Britain & Roses

I'm alluding to my jewellery today. My favourite pieces that have been forgotten for some time. Now that they've been 're-discovered' they'll definitely get a lot of wear!

My weekly outfits are still very summery and relaxed. School starts next week and once I'm the official 'taxi driver' again the outfits will change accordingly...

I bought the pendant I'm wearing today years and years ago when I used to visit Britain on a regular basis. I had always been attracted to anything British and I always returned home with lots of 'British' accessories, like silver charms in the shape of various symbols...

The cherry badge is from Cath Kidston (mail delivery...) and it matches the plimsolls!

The earrings are my favourites, too, they're Mackintosh roses, made in Scotland (bought in Slovenia, though). I love C.R. Mackintosh, I think he was one of the best architects & designers ever (but please note this is only my humble opinion). The roses were studs originally but I had them re-designed.

I'm wearing:

plimsolls - Cath Kidston
bermuda shorts - Northbrook
skinny belt - H&M
top - Wallis
cardi - TopShop
bag - Zara
watch - Swatch

Monday, 23 August 2010

Sunday Wear

Yesterday's outfit, worn to an outdoor mass. Indoors. Sort of. Technically, there weren't any doors. Or windows. But there were walls... Sounds confusing? It is, rather. A Sunday mass was celebrated amidst the ruins of a lovely church on top of a lovely hill called 'Egghead' (in translation, of course; the original name comes from German as there used to be a German settlement there before WW2). The church was burnt down fifty-something years ago but the ruins can still tell a story of the times passed. I'm afraid I didn't bring my camera to the church, but at least I managed to have my outfit pic taken when I got back home...

I did throw a cardi over my bare shoulders to attend religious service, of course. But later it got really warm so I took it off. Plus I wanted to show you my LBD. Quite nice, isn't t?

These are my Mum's clip-on turquoise earrings. I remember her wearing them in summer months when I was a little girl. We were talking the other day and the earrings came up in conversation and it turned out she still had them! And now I have them!!! I love these earrings, I think they're absolutely fabulous. A true vintage find in my Mum's jewellery box!

I'm wearing:

sandals - local shoe shop
LBD - local clothes shop
skinny belt - H&M
silk necklace - Kokoska (local brand)
earrings - my Mum's
sunglasses - Madonna for H&M
bag - Zara (F/W 2010, I love this bag!)

It's everything I want in a bag - brown leather, saddle shape, not too small and not too big, just roomy enough... It was love at first sight. The corsage is self-made: a TopShop flower, Barbour ribbon, leather tassels.

It was a lovely Sunday morning, followed by delicious lunch at the local Chinese restaurant. It was so warm we were too lazy to cook...

P.S.: Blimey, look at all that grey hair...

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Three Things

Three things that make me happy today:

-my turquoise flower ring

- a lovely book of quotations

- pink sandals with shiny stones!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Going For A Ride

Today I ventured on a bike ride from my hometown to the capital, which is about 60 km or 37 miles. I cycled the same route nineteen (!) years ago (twice) and decided to repeat it (with more gears and more years...). As my husband commutes to the capital, I held my thumb out and put the bike on the car roof and he gave me a lift back home...

Back home I just took it easy - picked up the kiddies at my parents' and read some Agatha Christie (I'm very much into her at the moment!).

I'm wearing:

sandals - Cath Kidston
cropped jeans - Wallis
polo shirt - Barbour
messenger bag - Cath Kidston
necklace - gift from Mum & Dad when my girl was born
watch - Swatch
angel bracelet, bagpipes charm bracelet

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Black & Simple

Worn Sunday afternoon for lunch at my Mum-in-law's (which we prepared) - we had a B-B-Q with seasonal vegetables from my late Dad-in-law's garden. Everything is lovely and yummy at this point and it was a proper celebration of his beloved hobby. He grew (and now we grow) cucumbers, courgettes, delicious tomatoes, string beans, all sorts of lettuce, carrots, beetroot... the list is (almost) endless. Thank you, dear Dad-in-law!

I'm wearing:

sandals - local shoe shop
bermuda shorts - Garcia Jeans
top - Get
sunglasses - Madonna for H&M
messenger bag - Cath Kidston
watch - Swatch (I used to collect them!)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Black & Gold - Part Two

Worn to church on Sunday. The dress is new, I didn't have a black summer skirt/dress to wear for the funeral so I had to find one. In our small town. Small enough to fit me. In two days' time... I was lucky, though. Found this pretty little thing and it was on sale, too. I had to shorten the straps (a pic of the dress without the cardi some other time, forgot to take one again...) but other than that it was fine. I'm sure I'll wear it again with some brighter tops and cardis.

I'm wearing:

sandals - local shoe shop
dress - local clothes shop
cardi - Wallis
gold skinny belt - H&M
head scarf - Laura Ashley (I told you I quite liked Saturday's styling...)
beaded silk bag - Benetton (my Mum's, it's so pretty)

This cameo brooch/pendant was a present from my husband when our son was born nine years ago. I'd really wanted a cameo and he found this perfect little thing which I adore. I wear it on special occasions as it is quite delicate.

Sorry for the blurry pictures - I took them myself again and the only thing I can actually do is put the camera on the tripod and push the timer button, I haven't got a clue how to improve the quality of the shot, though. I'll have to work on that one...

The sandals are from last year's sales - I bought them at the end of the season and wore them this summer for the first time. They're quite comfortable for walking and the straps are soft enough so they don't give me any blisters.

How do you like our kitties doormat?

Monday, 16 August 2010

And Some More Black...

Saturday's outfit. My hair was so messy I had to put on a headscarf. I quite liked it in the end.

I'm wearing:

sandals - local shoe shop (see close-up at the bottom)
cropped trousers - Wallis (from years ago; they were a size too big but I liked them so much I bought them anyway and had them taken in)
top - Get
scarf - Laura Ashley (old!)
messenger bag - Cath Kidston
corsage (on bag) - L'Occitane

I love these earrings. I got them from a local shop a few years ago. I think they look so vintage!

I'm also absolutely in love with my bag. It's huge so I can put lots and lots of things in it and it's called 'Britannia' - there are little drawings of Britain's famous tourist spots all over it. I promise to post a close up - I forgot to take one!

Detail on the trousers - lovely floral embroidery.

The bracelets & the watch are again the same as before.

The purchase of these sandals was a necessity - I didn't have any black summer footwear!

Friday, 13 August 2010

More Black & A Touch Of Gold

Another set of pictures with self-timer - I'm learning! Not very quickly but still...

The kiddies & I drove to the capital today to see Toy Story 3 - it was lovely, we all enjoyed it. Plus some new acquisitions will soon be featured on this blog!

I'm wearing:

gold flats - Buffalo London (the most comfortable pair of footwear I've ever owned)
black skinny trousers - Mana
gold belt - local shop
top - Dorothy Perkins
cardi - TopShop
all accessories same as yesterday

I really liked the way my accessories came together yesterday which is why I decided to repeat the whole thing with today's outfit!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Summer All-Black

It's been over a month since I last posted an outfit picture (I've checked). I have not been wearing anything particularly interesting in the last weeks - from my point of view, anyway, as my outfits have been mostly all-black. Not very long ago I participated in Sally's Summer Blackout Challenge and I said then that it wasn't really a challenge for me because I very rarely wore black anyway. Little did I know that I would soon be forced into purchasing some black items to put in my wardrobe. Nearly four weeks ago I was faced with a new challenge - how to put together an all-black outfit.

As I've said, I had to get some black pieces - there were some in my wardrobe but they were mostly warm clothes, like woolen skirts and coats. Up until a month ago I owned two pairs of black trousers, two T-shirts and a strap top, plus a ruched blouse, and two cotton cardis. And a black skirt & top with white polka dots. Can't really say it's 'nothing' but hardly enough for day-to-day wear in the summer months.

In the following few days I'll show you some of my all-black outfits. I've decided to wear all-black for a month and then every Friday and every 16th of the month for another year. So basically, I'm returning to some more colour next week.

I took the pictures myself today, with a little help of my timer - you can tell, can't you. No picture of me standing as I didn't have a clue how to do that - I had a very limited space (our tiny balcony), which is why I'm sitting on a chair, so at least you get a half of me... As the outfit is really simple I'm putting some more attention to my accessories.

I'm wearing:

long black skinny trousers (better view next time) - Mana
V-neck - Madonna
skinny belt - H&M

necklace - Accessorize
thistle brooch - Scottish shop in the capital (years ago!)
angel brooch - 10th wedding anniversary gift from my husband (five years ago!)

angel bracelet - self-made (from a brooch)
silver chain with a little bagpipe charm - I bought the chain some time ago, and the charm was bought in London, again years and years ago; I absolutely adore it!
ring - I'll tell you more about my rings in one of the future posts

watch - Calvin Klein (gift from my parents when I graduated from university ten years ago)
crystal beads bracelet with a heart charm (which says 'Be yourself' - isn't it great?) - Leonardo, a lovely little shop in the capital with all sorts of pretty things
rings - see above

fuchsia earrings - Etsy (ForTheCrossJewelry)

tan sandals - local shop; I love them - they're all-leather, made in India

Well, until tomorrow, then!