Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Being Creative Gallery - Travel

I'm cheating a little bit again. This project hasn't been created this month. When I saw this month's theme, however, I immediately thought of it and was absoutely determined that I wanted to post about it. It seemed so appropriate!

Our family spent four lovely days in Vienna three years ago. It was August, so at least one thing co-ordinates with the project. We brought home all sorts of souvenirs, mainly in the form of tickets and postcards. As these things often get lost I decided to put them all in one place, i.e. a huge poster, and put the whole thing on display.

Both children were delighted to help. It took us quite a while to actually start working on our little holiday project, I remember it was a gloomy late autumn day, but we sat on the floor in the middle of our living room and in our minds, we were once again taken to the lovely streets of the Austrian capital.

My boy was seven at the time, my little girl four, and they did their best to capture their memories of the unforgettable adventure.

I can't remember exactly where I'd got the idea for the poster, but I do remember being absolutely delighted at the sight of it. And so were my little ones.

We love our Vienna poster so much that it is still on display in our hallway. As we are moving house in the near future, the poster will have to move as well - it may find its new home stuck in a box with other 'artistic creations', but nevertheless it has provided us with many beautiful memories of our family trip.

Our next family destination - London, perhaps?

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Monday, 29 August 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week I'm so very much thankful for:

- my husband getting better every day; plus we get to spend a lot of time together!

- the new roof on our house (we still haven't moved, though)

- S-i-L's 50th birthday party last Saturday - great fun, we got to explore some local caves!

- my health, again

- a phone call from a friend, greatly missed for several months

Oliver Cycling To The Sun

Whatever. What a title, ah? Makes no sense, really, only my association with today's photos. I took some detail pics of my outfit today. I didn't go for the whole thing as it was rather boring, but the colours are quite fun, don't you think?

This pink beauty is my holiday souvenir from this year. It was love at first sight! I mean, it's bright pink, what more can you ask for in a watch?

The gold bike pendant is borrowed from my son. It was his Christening gift ten years (and exactly a month) ago. Who could have thought then that he would really be an avid cyclist one day!

And my sweet sunflower Boden sandals - comfy and joyous, another summer favourite.

I'm wearing:

- sandals - Boden
- cropped jeans - Wallis
- shirt - McKinley
- watch - S.Oliver

P.S.: 'Oliver' is not my boy's name...

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Oh, Alex!

The August issue of the Country Living magazine revealed the most beautiful secret - somewhere between the pages I had found a website address I decided to check - and oh my, I was in for one of the most beautiful surprises! In terms of accessories, of course, nothing more earth-shaking...

I can easily say that Alex Monroe has just become my all-time favourite jewellery designer. I have always loved jewellery depicting real-life flora and in my opinion Alex does that in the most enchanting way.

I have only chosen some rings for today's post. Had I picked everything I really liked the post would have been far too long. Apart from rings, there are absolutely gorgeous necklaces and bracelets and earrings to be had... jewellery heaven!

As I'm celebrating my 40th birthday next January I guess my wishlist will be full of flowers... in gold and silver!

My absolutely favourite is the Daisy Wreath Ring at the top of this post. Ring perfection, I would say.

Let me assure you at this point that this is by no means a sponsored post. I have just really totally fallen in love with this jewellery. I wouldn't mind some sponsorship, actually... in the form of a very pretty daisy ring!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week I'm really, really grateful for:

- our lovely week spent at the seaside, in an absolutely fabulous apartment (room with a view, and oh my, what a view! will keep you posted!), and with absolutely fabulous weather
- lots of cycling
- my husband 'only' suffering a broken wrist and some serious scratches in a cycling accident
- our friend's 40th birthday party last Saturday
- my new followers, yay!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Flower-Power T-Shirts

Some of the T-shirts I embellished with crochet Japanese flowers. The turquoise one was a birthday present for my husband's niece. I really like it, I think a daisy looks very pretty on a darker background.

I'm taking a few days off blogging, see you next week, my friends!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Last Sunday we attended a lovely celebration, the christening of a little girl, our new goddaughter. It was a beautiful ceremony in a little church just outside the capital, with a tiny congregation and an artistic vicar - who apart from being a priest is also a painter.

This was our christening package, containing a white napkin symbolizing the white clothing, a candle, a lovely Children's Bible (officially translated from English into Slovenian by yours truly!), a golden cross and a painting of a sweet little angel (by my friend Marysia).

As required by tradition, I embroidered the little girl's name and the date of the christening on the napkin.

Then I placed the napkin in a jar. It's been my obsession of late, I love putting foldable presents in old jam jars... Doesn't it look adorable?

We bought the candle at our local parish church shop, and I loved it! It was decorated by our friend's mum.

We included a tiny golden cross in the package, I thought it was really appropriate, tiny & shiny, just like our little goddaughter!

No pictures of the Bible and the angel, I'm afraid, as I'd wrapped those long before it crossed my mind to take some pictures of the christening goodies. So me. Sorry!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week I'm incredibly grateful for:

- our little goddaughter R. K. whose christening we attended yesterday - it was a lovely feast and my husband and I are honoured to have been entrusted witht the role of godparents
- our goddaughter's family: her parents K. and G. and her two little brothers R. P. and R. B., our very dear friends
- my pretty little new kitchen at our future house - it's yellow!
- our 'moving house in progress'
- our upcoming seaside holiday

Friday, 5 August 2011

If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

...or rather, if you came to our flat the other day...

My little girl was having a picnic for her toys. I thought it was really sweet, the way she matched the colours of her crockery with the 'recipients'. And she was thrilled at the prospect of having her picnic featured on Mum's blog :)

P.S.: In case you'd like to know about the applique sheep baby blanket in the top picture - I made it when I was expecting my boy, this was his pram blanket. Very Scottish... :)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Colour Burst

Tuesday's outfit. It was a lovely, warm summer day - most people would call it 'hot' (obviously, I'm not 'most people'...). I had some errands to run after lunch so I took my two (not so) little ones and off we went.

My boy took these pictures on our way back, as we crossed the bridge at the local library. You can see our magnificent parish church in the background! Seeing these pictures makes me realise that ours is a very pretty town!

I'm wearing:

- sandals - Boden (arrived safely!)
- skinny jeans - miss bonbon
- dress - Ivko
- top - Mexx
- crochet bag - I made it!
- sunglasses - Marks&Spencer
- watch - Calvin Klein
- angel bracelet, open heart bracelet - self-made
- house earrings - made by Marysia

Hot summer? Memories... Another cold & rainy day today...

Monday, 1 August 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week, my lovely readers, I'm very much grateful for:

- friends from abroad, on holiday in Slovenia at the moment
- a long chat with an old friend whom I only get to see once a year (see above) and our children playing together merrily
- our beautiful capital
- cycling, especially all four of us together
- my health