Saturday, 28 April 2012

Piece Of Heaven

We went on a trip yesterday with some friends from our church. It was lovely, to say the least. 

The tiny secluded church was breathtaking - I was absolutely amazed by the sight of it. 

There was an old small graveyard just down the hill from the church. 

The skies were the bluest blue and the trees were the greenest green. 

My two littles (I will very soon be overgrown by my boy, mind you!) were enthusiastic bell-ringers. 

It was a magical spring day. 

We'll be back.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Blue & Green - An Outfit!

It's been ages since I last posted an outfit. Well, here I go again.

I love bright green paired with navy blue. I've had this top and these tights for ages but up to now it's never crossed my mind to wear them together. 

Unfortunately, I only wore this combination twice and then managed to get a huge hole in my lovely green tights. Had to say goodbye to them, I'm afraid... 

I'm so happy that spring has finally arrived. I've finally defrosted (I'm constantly cold)! 

I'm wearing: 

- stripy top - H&M
- green top - local boutique
- cardi - Zara
- skirt - Corazon
- tights - can't remember
- flats - local shoe shop
- bag - Samsonite (at least twenty years old!)
- sunglasses - M&S
- precious handmade dragonfly brooch - Dear Emma

Are you enjoying this lovely spring weather?

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Yummy Sparkling Birthday Cake

The love of my life turned forty-six yesterday. We celebrated with a yummy birthday cake.

I found some lovely candles at the local paper shop.

I had no idea whatsoever that they were the sparkling kind... You can tell, can't you...?

Friday, 13 April 2012

Music In Trieste

A fortnight ago my boy was part of the group at our local music school chosen to perform in Trieste, Italy, as part of an exchange programme. Parents were allowed to join the party and of course, all four of us embarked on an unforgettable adventure!

My boy being exactly who he is, a boy, he does not much care about details (some details, anyway). He told us when we had to be outside the music school to catch the bus and he told us we were going to Trieste. That was it.

Naturally, we thought we were going to the concert and head home afterwards. I'm happy to say we were quite mistaken.

We had a wonderful excursion and saw many breathtakingly beautiful places we would never have travelled to on our own. We had excellent guides and even though my husband and I used to visit Trieste on a regular basis when we were younger (shopping for clothes, I'm afraid), we were able to see the city from an entirely different perspective this time. It's enchanting.

The children's performance was superb, the music teachers really picked creme-de-la-creme (my boy included!) and all in all, as I said, it was a day to remember. And remember we shall...

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter 2012 - Decoration

One more Easter post - this is how we decorated our home - our first Easter in our new house (well, the house is not really new, but it is our new home)!

Front door - I bought the Bunny Wreath years ago, it's from Gisela Graham and I love it.

My little book nook on the staircase - I made the crochet stool cover at the end of last year.

Top of the stairs - some pretty handmade cards & glass Easter eggs.

Another picture of my decorated book nook!

Mini bird - handmade by me.

Easter cockerel - handmade by my boy, a few years ago (with a little help from Mummy...)!

Pink bird - handmade by me.

Red bird - handmade by my little girl, a few years ago (with a little help from Mummy as well...)!

Dining room centrepiece.

I love decorating our house!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter 2012 - Food

My dear friends, I hope you all had a lovely Easter. Ours was perfect - well, almost, as the weather was not entirely cooperative. We had another quick winter visit over the weekend and I'm afraid those pretty purple ballerinas that my little girl was looking forward to wearing to church on Easter Sunday will have to wait for a while. And they came all the way from Britain...! And just in time for Easter, too!

Anyway, for us, Easter is all about church and traditions, including some really yummy food. And since I'm much more into British traditions than our own I usually embark on preparing some tipically British dishes. As you can see, my Simnel Cake turned out perfectly well. And oh my, it was absolutely delicious! Mind the past tense - it's all gone now...

A box of chocolates I could not resist buying even though it was a bit on the pricey side. I loved the bunnies and the colours and would you believe it - the chocolates have not yet been eaten! I can hardly believe it myself...

Our Easter eggs - Basket No. 1; courtesy of my husband, children & Mum-in-law; for some strange reason, even though I love crafting, I'm not very much into egg colouring. Go figure.

More Easter bunnies - love love love the box, it's a keeper!

Another British tradition of mine - Hot Cross Buns. I always make loads and loads and give them away to all our family and friends. Yummy as well!

And some more bunnies... I told you I loved the colours and all... Plus you get to see our gorgeous daffodils!

Easter eggs - Basket No. 2. The brown ones are dyed with onion skin, so clever, isn't it!

Some more bunnies & pretty daffodils...

So good to be back!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Jenny's Giveaway

Still not quite in there with my blogging, but just to make sure that I do read your blogs here's an announcement of a great giveaway over at Jenny's - if you like crafting you'll definitely want this book!