Thursday, 29 October 2009

Keep On Shining!

The sun, that is. We've had some lovely autumn days again here in Slovenia. It's not very warm but the sun is lovely and it makes the world such a happy place, don't you think? I'm really happy for the kids who have a week off - they can spend plenty of time outside, playing with friends. Both my boy and my girl have been 'hanging out' with their best friends a lot these days, I'm sure they'll get their 'holiday's worth' out of the week! My little girl goes to kindergarten anyway but I pick her up earlier than usual so she has a holiday feeling as well. They have been doing all sorts of things at the kindergarten so she really wants to go.

Anyway, my outfits can still be 'autumnally casual' thanks to the weather. This is what I wore yesterday:

mustard top - Mana
argyle vest - S.Oliver
belt - H&M
corduroy skirt - made by my Mum's seamstress
jacket - Tulchan (I love their clothes, I own plenty!)
tights - local brand
shoes - Camper
angel pendant!
earrings - Etsy (BeadsByEvelyn)

The earrings came as gift. I ordered two other pairs and these were in the package as a surprise. I absolutely adore them! Thanks, Evelyn!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Surprise Package!

I've been a blogger for just over a month now - yay! - and I'm really enjoying it! I hope that you, dear fellow bloggers, can find something interesting here as well, although I haven't reached further from my oufits yet; I have great plans, though!

I've decided to make a little something for a dear fellow blogger and on the pic you can see a surprise package that I've just put in the post. Once it reaches its destination, I sincerely hope to get some feedback (to know the package actually has arrived, that is). The contents of the package will be revealed later, as I don't want to spoil the surprise. I enjoyed crafting whatever's in the bag very much and - to get the cat just a little bit out of the bag - it's something I've already been blogging about. Lucky guess, anyone?

Monday, 26 October 2009

My Fave Jacket

This is my last Wednesday's outfit. I put on one of my favourite jackets - a one-off piece by a young Slovenian designer I got a couple of years ago. There's a little shop in our capital where you can get fabulous stuff (jewellery, clothes, all sorts of accessories...) made by young Slovenian designers who have not 'made their name' yet and the prices are therefore extremely reasonable.

I bought the jacket for the confirmation of my friend's daughter - I'm her godmother - and wore it with a lovely lace skirt, suede boots, and a beautiful brown hat (I don't have any digital photos from the event, I'll recreate the outfit one day and post a photo on my blog). The jacket is extremely versatile, as the colour palette goes well with most of the items in my closet. I love the floral fabric inserts and the contrast stitching - and best of all, it's deliciously warm!

jacket - one-off piece
top - Mana
jeans - Levi's 501
leg warmers - handmade by my Mum
flats - Killah
bag - town
corsage on bag - H&M, slightly altered by me
angel pendant

I can't believe it's Monday again! We had another 'busy' weekend, B-B-Qing in the woods above our town (the men/boys even spent the night at the cabin). School's off this week so if the weather's nice we might embark on a trip or something. Fingers crossed!

P.S.: Pics are always clickable!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Piano Recital

Last night my boy had his first piano recital at his music school this year. We all went to listen to him (and a bunch of other children on various instruments as well, of course) and this is what I wore:

roll-neck: Dorothy Perkins
embroidered skirt: Labod (local brand)
red patent leather belt: TopShop
tights: local brand
scarf: H&M
shoes: local brand (I've had them for over fifteen years, so they're practically vintage!; I already gave them away but apparently my Mum kept them as I found them at my parents' house last year and took them back! I love them!)
coat: Dorothy Perkins
silk embroidered clutch: Benetton

This is pretty much the same outfit I wore last Saturday for my best friend's 40th birthday party, and I didn't have a photo taken then. The only thing different was a large red faux patent leather bag I had instead of this tiny black clutch.

The music recital was lovely. My boy is a really talented little pianist and he very much enjoys performing on stage. Both my husband and I played piano as children (ten and nine years respectively) and we're really happy that our eight-year-old enjoys the instrument as well. Apart from the piano, he's very much into rock music...

Monday, 19 October 2009

Party Weekend

Saturday was 'busy'. Lunch was eaten at a friend's 50th birthday party - lovely village cabin, open fire, lots of yummy food, great company. The outfit is from Saturday morning, though, when I was doing some last minute present shopping. I didn't take the photo of my party outfit (it was very casual).

top: M&S
cardi: TopShop
scarf: Barbour
corduroys: Mana; I replaced the buttons - there were some boring chocolate brown buttons on which I didn't like, but these mismatched buttons are fun, don't you think?
over-knee socks: no idea, but I love them!
flats: Killah
angel pendant!
bag: Barbour (I have a thing for Barbour clothes and accessories; I plan to post a special piece on my Barbour treasures!)
wooden piglet key-chain on bag: Shakespeare's Globe Shop (from ages ago)
watch: Axcent of Scandinavia

In the evening we celebrated my best friend's 40th birthday party. I was in charge for the cake (I usually am, I love making cakes). This was a lovely chocolate cake with chocolate cream frosting & chocolate pralines. I borrowed the candles from my daughter... - each candle stands for a decade, of course! We celebrated at the local pizza place; we wanted to have a drink at a bar afterwards but we couldn't find one with 'our age' population... We are officially old!

P.S.: I forgot to mention - I had my hair shortened a bit! And my grey hair dyed...

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Two Days in October

Two outfit photos today, yesterday's and today's. It's really hard to believe that a week ago you could go out in a shirt (or two, perhaps, as layering is such fun!) and this week, starting Monday, the temperatures have gone all wintery! When I take my boy to school (he's on his swimming course this week) and my daughter to kindergarten in the morning I put on my corduroy jacket plus my trenchcoat plus a warm scarf round my neck and I'm still freezing. This morning, we couldn't use my car as I'd forgotten to take an ice-scraper, and the windshield was frosted! It does get warmer during the day but not actually warm. On Monday, we had torrential rain, so we weren't only cold, we were soaked as well. What on earth happened to 'glorious autumn'?

Anyway, yesterday I wore:

skirt: Brora
cowl-neck sweater: no idea
leather belt: H&M
tights: local brand
flats: local brand
bag: Mango
corsage: Etsy (Oranges & Apples; thanks, Franca!)
angel bracelet!

And today:

shirt: Playlife
cotton V-neck: Broadway
Liberty scarf: Etsy (designedbyjane; thank you, Jane!); the scarf came with a matching corsage which I'm not wearing today
the corsage I'm wearing: gift with internet order
denim skirt: Urko (local brand)
tights: local brand
leg warmers: hand-made by my Mum (when I was about eight, so they're definitely 'vintage'!)
flats: Killah
angel bracelet: I made it, you can see it on the photo in one of the first posts, it's the blue one with the angel pendant

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My Necklace Rack

Hello, dear fellow bloggers,

a short post with the photo of my colourful necklaces. I made some of them myself, I will tell you more about each one when I put it on! My favourite on this rack is the one with big beads dressed in turquoise silk - not made by me, but it served as a 'model' for many necklaces I crafted later on, I even made crochet beads in different colours!

Apart from beads, I also like lockets (I always put my children's photos in them...). I own a few of those as well.

As promised, under the necklaces, a photo of my angel bracelet; you could see it in one of my earlier posts, with my favourite bracelets. The picture of the two angels in the metal frame used to be a brooch, but I already own quite a few angel brooches. They don't sell bracelets at the gallery, so I decided to make one myself. I took off the pin at the back, bought some semi-precious stone beads (avanturine) and gathered them on elastic string and - voila - this is the finished product! This is my most frequently worn bracelet, as the neutral green colour really goes with most of my outfits.

Enjoy the colours of my jewellery!

How Time Flies!

My, oh my, it's been a week since my last post! I must admit that I haven't been taking photos of my outfits regularly in the last few days, so today I can only show you my outfit from last Thursday (a trip to Ljubljana to visit a dear friend) and yesterday's outfit (usual day, working from home, spending the afternoon with the children...).

The top photo shows yesterday's outfit:

grey top: Mana
turquoise top: Laura Ashley
leather belt: H&M
bermuda shorts: Garcia Jeans
tights: local brand
leather boots: Bata
bag: Mango
corsage on bag: Etsy (from the lovely Franca of Oranges & Apples; thanks!)
necklace: Haba (it's German; they make lovely wooden toys for children and absolutely gorgeous jewellery for little girls...)
bracelet (with angels!): hand-made by me; a more detailed photo to follow...

The bottom photo shows last Thursday's outfit:

plum top (underneath): H&M
green top: Madonna for girls (not THE Madonna, I take it)
jacket: Tom Tailor
angel brooch on jacket: 10th wedding anniversary gift from my husband; my first angel brooch EVER!
skirt: Labod (local brand; the skirt used to be longer, far below the knees, but I had it shortened and prefer it this way)
scarf: H&M
green fishnets: local brand
shoes: Italian brand

I forgot to mention in the previous posts, but all my photos are clickable if you wish to see a larger version. I hope I will manage to improve the quality of the photos soon, I'm still learning!

Have a lovely day everyone, hope to 'see' you soon!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Glorious Autumn

We've had another perfect autumn day here in Slovenia. The sun was still warm and it was lovely to be outside. The day was full of errands, as usual, dentist appointment for my boy, ballet class for my little girl, PTA meeting for me...

Everything called for a cosy outfit in which running around would not feel too much of a strain. This worked for me:

stripy top: Labod (local brand)
brown top: H&M
belt: came with the stripy top
skirt: Tom Tailor
shoes: Camper
wooden disk necklace: M&S
angel pendant!
bag: Barbour
Harris Tweed purse/bracelet pouch/clutch-thingie: Glenalmond

Monday, 5 October 2009

Weekend Outfits

Worn Sunday afternoon for the family B-B-Q at my parents' house. We celebrated my Mum's birthday (in July), my daughter's birthday (two weeks ago), my Dad's (upcoming) birthday and 25th anniversary since my parents moved into the house!

cardi: Tulchan
trousers: TopShop
brown top (underneath): H&M
mustard top: Mana
shoes: Camper
felt beads necklace: Etsy (karlita's shop)
angel brooch!

Worn to church on Sunday.
trenchcoat: Marks & Spencer's
tweed buttons (added by me): Etsy (Tweed Delights, thanks, Alison!)
bag: Mango
shoes: Italian brand

Above picture:
jacket: Tom Tailor
skirt: made by my Mum's seamstress
sunglasses: Marks & Spencer's

Friday's outfit:
jacket: Tom Tailor
navy top: H&M
mustard top: Mana
scarf (worn as headband): Laura Ashley
jean skirt: Urko (local brand, great clothes!)
shoes: Camper
bag: Barbour
bumble-bee (hanging from bag): Etsy (Tweed Plush, thanks, Alison!)
heart pendant: kid's keyring transformed into necklace!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lovely Autumn Day

Dear fellow bloggers,

We had a lovely, warm first day of October. I'd be absolutely delighted if it stayed like that until Christmas... (wishful thinking).

Anyway, my outfit for today was very comfortable for running errands, like taking children to school & kindergarten, music school etc. As I work from home, it's better than sweats but still not 'overdressed'.

top - H&M
trousers - Playlife
jacket - Tom Tailor
loafers - Bata
scarf (worn as headband) - Laura Ashley
stripy scarf - from a cheap gift shop
brooch - This Vintage Life
bag - Blackhouse Bags

Take care,