Monday, 5 December 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Well, it appears that my Monday gratitude posts are the only thing left I can actually manage on my blog. What is happening? Where did I find the time for (almost) daily posts not so very long ago? These days I'm jumping with joy if I can actually read some of your blogs, I'm totally extatic if there's a second available to write a short comment, and that's about it. Does this happen when you're a month and a day away from forty? Do share, please... And may I add how happy I am to read all your comments on my random thoughts!

So, today I'm totally and utterly and completely grateful for:

Photo source: Wikipedia

- four days spent in Slovakia's capital, Bratislava, where our choir attended a festival of advent music
- the rather unexpected SILVER medal won at the said festival!!!!!
- the absolutely fabulous time we had in Bratislava
- all my friends at the choir, lovely people and great party animals...
- the delicious Slovak food (am I allowed to mention the drink as well? I'm grateful for that too...)
- the beautiful sights we got to see, despite the lousy weather, including this unbelievable Blue Church
- the fact that my beloved husband joined the party as well (his joining the choir was his early gift for my 40th birthday!)


  1. Congratulations on winning the silver medal, that's fantastic! And it must be wonderful to share your love of singing with your husband, that's just lovely. Vanessa xxx

  2. Congratulations Mojca !
    I think it's ok if you don't have time to blog as soon as you are having a good time - which it seems you are !

  3. Thank you both, Vanessa and Lorena, it's so nice to hear (read, as a matter of fact...) from you!

  4. Hi Mojca - so much to be grateful for, can't really say if life speeds up after 40 - mine seems to be speed up all the time! Congrats on your silver medal and your husband joining the choir - sounds great :D

  5. I lived in Bratislava for almost 3 years...and I agree with everything you said; weather is mostly crapy, Slovaks are party animals and yes this church is amazing. Every time someone would visit I would take them to see it.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I really enjoyed this trip last year. Bratislava must have been lovely to live in for a while!

      Take care,



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