Monday, 17 September 2012

Blossoms (Whatever Happened To The Angels?)

I got this gorgeous Joules skirt in the summer sale. Together with a similar red one. I fell head over heels in love with the pattern and the colours. And I'm really happy to say that the styling possibilities are endless, at least from my closet's perspective...

You might want to know that I also purchased a blue shirt with the same pattern. Worn together with the skirt I get a lovely 'almost shirt dress'. Throw in a pale pink obi belt and a giant pink rose corsage and you're set to attend a wedding! Or a fancy birthday party in my case, last Saturday. Too bad the photos aren't ready to be published yet... :)

I wore this outfit to church the other day. I don't really wear heels on a daily basis but I like to put them on on a Sunday.

Most of the items in this outfit are quite old, actually. I've had this Wallis twin set for ages (fell in love with it as well oh so many years ago), and the bag, oh my, the bag has been with me for at least a decade. Gosh.

Anyway, as it is often the case, I tend to forget about things in my closet for a while and then revisit them when I add an item to my collection. This twin set hasn't been worn for quite a while, but it comes in really handy with my new Joules florals.

And the fishnets? Heck, I still like them, even though I've become a great fan of plain nude hosiery again, thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge.

I'm wearing: 

- shoes - local boutique
- fishnets - no idea, from my closet!
- skirt - Joules
- skinny belt -  H&M
- twin set - Wallis
- bag - Benetton
- silver necklace -  Etsy (silverpebble)

May this week bring you lots and lots of joy!

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