Thursday, 14 February 2013

Welcome, Lucy & Terence!

I've got dogs! Not one but two! Well, as you can imagine, they're the sort of dogs you can see on this photo. As a matter of fact, they're exactly like two dogs you can see on this photo!

Photo: source

I have been admiring the work of the very talented Lucy Levenson for a while now and when I saw these cute little key rings it was - as is often the case - love at first sight. I usually find it very difficult to choose only one item which is why, of course, two of these lovely doggies came in the post yesterday!

Meet Lucy - the red dachshund, middle left, with the Union Jack, and Terence, the green terrier, middle right. Lucy as a tribute to its designer and Terence for obvious reasons (the breed!). They're the sweetest things you can possibly imagine.

Thank you so much, Lucy!

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