Sunday, 8 December 2013

Advent Sunday, And Not The First One!

Some unplanned blogging absence due to certain health issues in the family - better now, thank you very much. I realise I'm a bit late for introducing our advent wreaths this year but hey, it's only the second Sunday in Advent :)

My little girl & I attended a wreath-making workshop on the Saturday before the first Sunday in Advent and made three lovely wreaths for our home (plus the fourth one for my Mum, forgot to take a picture, sorry).

The above wreath is my little girl's work - she's a pro, isn't she? The wreath lives in her & her brother's bedroom and we light a candle (two this week) every night when saying our prayers.

The second wreath is my creation, it lives in our dining room and we light the candles during lunchtime. Magic!

This one hangs on our sitting-room door to welcome the visitors in our home. Made by me :)

We bought a lovely wreath for our main entrance, handmade by a local craftsman - it's absolutely gorgeous, but as usual, the picture has yet to be taken ...

Stay tuned!

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