Monday, 14 May 2012

'I want one of those': whatever happened to those childhood must-haves?

Do you remember those brands you just had to have as a kid? The ones you asked for to gain serious kudos in the playground? Do you ever wonder what became of them and if people still wear them now? Well, so do we!  

Kickers shoes


Kickers shoes were absolute playground essentials. The Kickers crusade entered into the mainstream through indie bands in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. The Stone Roses, Jarvis Cocker from Pulp, and Noel Gallagher were all seen proudly wearing their Hi Kicks. What you may not know is that Kickers are still hugely popular, and have expanded to produce a massive range of footwear. They’re still prominent in the playground today, so don’t be surprised if your little one asks you for a pair, just like you asked your mum.

MA2 Jackets – Fantazia, Dreamscape, NASA

Part of an everyday raver’s uniform, the MA2 jacket filtered down through the music
industry. Your jacket would show the brands you admired, and would be individually
personalised with ‘cool’ patches. Although you’d do very well to spot one on the street
these days, they do actually have some value. One former owner said that they saw one sell
for £60 on eBay, so it may be time to dust yours down and put it up for sale! 1

Eclipse jeans

Gangster rap hit the UK mainstream in the 90’s, and Eclipse jeans were bang on trend.
Huge baggy items with strange assorted zippers, buckles and belts were the order of the
day. The only question was, could you get away with wearing a pair instead of your school
trousers? Old school Eclipse jeans seem to have died out, and shouldn’t be confused with
the massively popular modern Eclipse jeans for women.

Tab Clear

Tab Clear – a clear soda drink manufactured by Coca Cola – was marketed as “a completely
new idea in soft drinks […] unlike any other product available.” But it didn’t last very long.
It’s not hard to figure out why though, given that its unique selling point was its clear colour
and it was only sold in cans!

P.S.: This is a sponsored post. A little while ago, Catherine, who works for an advertising agency, contacted me and asked if I was willing to publish an article on her behalf, including some links. Well, this is it, I sincerely hope it doesn't bother you, but I was actually taken down the memory lane as I really used to own a pair of shoes like the one above. I can't remember whether they were actually Kickers, but I loved them and completely wore them out!


  1. Where are my jellybaby shoes??!!! I wanna be six again!!

  2. You write a very good sponsored post, Mojca, hehe! It took me down memory lane - I adore Jarvis Cocker, he's still a fave :) Hope you and your family are all well!
    Alison x
    (Having fun with my crafting at the 'mo' - thanks for your lovely comments!)

  3. I actually published a pre-written article - hope you don't mind :)

    Enjoy your crafting! I'm about to write some crafty posts as well - watch this space :)


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