Monday, 28 May 2012

Being Creative Again

Well, not all in one go. I made these lovelies over the course of the last year. I suppose the linen glasses case was made some time last spring - I used it over the summer, that much I can remember. I love the idea of a pretty crochet flower on just about everything (you might remember this or this or this or this)  and after several bigger ones I decided to shrink it a little bit.

I used some vintage linen (I guess) and some pretty Liberty Tana Lawn for the lining - I was quite pleased with it when I first made it so naturally, come winter, I decided to make a Tweedy version as well...

I got some precious scraps of Harris Tweed from my dear blogging friend Alison and I still haven't used many of them - they are very tricky to come by in my part of the world! - but I did make a 'winter version' of my Flower Glasses Case.

I used the exactly same pattern as with the linen one but I made a wooly flower. I picked some colour-coordinate Liberty Tana Lawn and, if you don't mind my saying so, was quite pleased with the Tweedy version as well.

The last Tweedy creation was this tiny little purse - another combination of Harris Tweed (thank you so much, Alison!) and Liberty Tana Lawn. With a zipper!

They are very well-loved, my little cases and purses. I don't use them all the time, but every now and then I take them out of my drawer and admire them. I'm weird like that.

Here's to more creative thoughts and ideas!


  1. They are really lovely, I especially like the tweed and crochet flower mix xx

  2. Oh wow Mojca - you are so brilliant at crochet - I have missed lots of your lovely work (how come???). Lovely to see your tweedy 'makes' too - when are you going to get round to selling some of your lovely creations????!! :)

  3. lovely!!! I really like it!


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