Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bags & Pins

A few months ago I purchased three precious fabric brooches from the very talented Cathy of Dear Emma - a butterfly, a dragonfly and a blue tit. Cathy is an amazing artist, she can do magic with tiny scraps of fabric (she can of course also do magic with large pieces of fabric...) and I love her way with colours. 

I totally adore her pins and I wear them all the time - be it on my clothes or bags or other accessories, like scarves (not worn very often these days, though!). Here is a collection of my colourful bags, embellished with little pieces of Cathy's art:

This is a Joules bag, bought on sale - a lovely bargain, I absolutely adore it, it's very spacious and goes well with most of my outfits. The pink butterfly could hardly wait to take a rest on the inside pocket...

The blue clutch was purchased last spring, at a local boutique, and it used to be embellished with some Liberty Suffolk puffs - very pretty, even if I say so myself... However, once the dragonfly 'flew in', this seemed to be the only obvious choice.

The mustard bag/clutch comes from Disaster Designs (purchased by mail order in Slovenia) - I love its envelope shape and the inscriptions, and the polka dot bow is beyond gorgeous.

The only thing missing, obviously, was this blue tit - it's absolutely perfect now!

Thank you, Cathy, for the prettiest accessories a girl could wish for!


Thanks for taking your time!