Thursday, 23 August 2012

Jesus Christ Superstar By Bike

Last night's performance was absolutely amazing. Standing ovations and such... The leading roles were given to incredible singers, and the entire musical was just one long moment of pure pleasure for the senses.

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The role of Jesus was performed by Alex Gaumond. 

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Judas was the incredible Ian Virgo.

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And the role of Mary Magdalene was performed by Portia Emare.

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My husband and I enjoyed the evening immensely. It was open-air and we had a lovely warm summer evening. My husband works in the capital so he set off on his usual commute in the morning, and I followed in the afternoon, by bike (just under 40 miles)! It was sizzling hot and extremely windy so I arrived rather exhausted but I made it!

Definitely a day to remember :)


  1. Wow - did you have to cycle 40 miles back too or was it a 40 mile round trip. I take my hatt off to you.

    1. Thank you - no, I didn't have to cycle back, I put the bike on the car roof :) The way back is more difficult as there is more uphill ride, and the performance didn't finish until late so it was completely dark on the way home.


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