Monday, 25 March 2013

Palm Sunday

We celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday, 
with lots of greenery.
This is what we traditionally take to church:

Outfit of the day was more or less like this one
with the exception of my headgear 
(the pink hat is from Seeberger as well).

The first bunch of greenery from the left was 'created' by my son; 
he was incredibly proud of having used enormous amounts of yarn to put it together :)
The colourful one was purchased by my Mum,
it's a traditional Slovenian thing. Love it!
The third one was made by my little girl 
at a creative workshop last week, 
with a little help of the lady who ran it. 
Isn't it pretty?
And the fourth one is just 
a bunch of olive branches,
 tied up with some red ribbon.

I accessorized the outfit with my suede pink clutch. It matches the hat :)

Another pic of our greenery...

... hope you all had a lovely Palm Sunday!

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  1. Just wanted to stop and say how much I like your yellow floral skirt and your cute hat!

    Daisy Dayz


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