Friday, 28 February 2014

My Pins

I just love the sight of them! 
Sooo pretty, 
they make me extremely happy :)

Plus, my new phone purse. Beyond gorgeous, I tell you. I love clasp purses and I was completely over the moon when I stumbled upon this one. I mean, musical notes? Piano keys at the back (sorry, no picture)? Hand-made in Britain? What's not to love?

Phone purse: Lazy Doll
Corsage: Lucy Levenson
Sparrow pin: Dear Emma

A pretty bunny sitting on my Ness vest :)

Bunny pin: materialised

A wise owl next to a hand-made corsage 
(Mollie Makes, ages ago) ...

Owl pin: materialised



  1. Lovely pretty things! If it were me, I'd never get out of the huse for pondering over which sweet brooch to wear!

    1. Thank you, Alix :) I can see that we sort of share the dilemma ...


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