Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter 2012 - Decoration

One more Easter post - this is how we decorated our home - our first Easter in our new house (well, the house is not really new, but it is our new home)!

Front door - I bought the Bunny Wreath years ago, it's from Gisela Graham and I love it.

My little book nook on the staircase - I made the crochet stool cover at the end of last year.

Top of the stairs - some pretty handmade cards & glass Easter eggs.

Another picture of my decorated book nook!

Mini bird - handmade by me.

Easter cockerel - handmade by my boy, a few years ago (with a little help from Mummy...)!

Pink bird - handmade by me.

Red bird - handmade by my little girl, a few years ago (with a little help from Mummy as well...)!

Dining room centrepiece.

I love decorating our house!


  1. Looks like a divine Easter you had! I agree, I'm always so grateful when I get to express my creativity and surround myself with beautiful things when decorating house!

  2. I remember when I wnet to Austria two years ago how lovely everywhere looked. I plan to steal some of y our indoor ideas for next Easter.

  3. Thank you, ladies, yes, it was lovely, and Jane, I'm only too happy to be an inspiration. Thank you again!


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