Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Birthday Presents Part I

 Happy, happy, happy!

- an angel pendant from my little girl (courtesy of her Dad, of course)

- an incredibly gorgeous suitcase from my boy (I can no longer refer to him as little; as of last Saturday, he is officially taller than me - for about an inch, at this point!) - he knows exactly what I like (courtesy of his Dad, again)

- apart from the children's gifts, my husband got me a yearly subscription to my favourite magazine in the whole world - yay!

- an angel brooch from my Mum & Dad
(they asked if there was anything I wished for...)

- two lovely bunches of spring flowers - in January! - from my parents as well - love them!

- last but certainly not least - another angel brooch from my Mum-in-law
(same question as my parents...)

What can I say?
Happy, happy, happy!

P.S.: Can you spot the coincidental likeness of the two angel brooches? The same pose,  almost the same dresses, similar hair... twins, meant to be together!

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  1. Hope you had a lovely time - what thoughtful gifts.
    My youngest son is now an inch taller than me nowtoo.


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