Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Working Space (Blogging Included!)

This is my working desk (I know, how can I possibly concentrate on my work with so much clutter around me, you're thinking) - I love it! I need colour in my life, it makes me so much happier!

All crochet work has of course been inspired by the wonderful Lucy from Attic24 who is an endless source of pretty colourful projects. Thank you so much, Lucy!

What is your office desk like? Are you an orderly person or is your desk full of clutter as well? Do share, please!


  1. Lovely colourful desk Mojca! I love all your crochet accessories - fab :) Not sure you'd like to see mine though, hehe!
    Alison :D

  2. I love the colour too.
    I share the space I blog in with 5 other people in my house nad it is messy. Not my mess though.

  3. Most rainbowish and inspiring! SO important to surround ourselves with food for our souls!!! Hope you are super duper:)


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