Friday, 11 January 2013

New Uniform

I think I have just found my new uniform, people! I have been looking for the perfect pair of jeans for ages and last Friday, the postman was so kind to bring them to me! Initially, I was after the skinny cut but luckily it was out of stock and I ordered boot-cut. Much more flattering and versatile, I think! And I finally own a pair of jeans that is more or less tight both on my legs and around my waist. I have huge problems with that, skinny jeans that I can pull over my thighs are usually double the size of my bum and waist, for some reason. This time, it totally worked!

Another 'uniform' item is this Boden jacket which as well was love at first sight. It's soft and warm and with its huge blossomy buttons, it looks absolutely adorable! Dressed up or down, it doesn't matter, it looks great with both skirts and jeans. Love.

Well, my angel brooches have been my faithful companions for ages, so I guess they can be part of my 'uniform' as well.

Berets, corsages, scarves... same old, same old...

Fairisle gloves - new love! I'm a big fan of fingerless gloves as my hands and fingers are constantly cold and you can very often find me wearing gloves when I work in front of my computer :)

So, what's new about my uniform, then? My Dalmatian jumper! Isn't this the most adorable piece of clothing you've ever seen? It arrived together with my perfect pair of jeans and, how lucky am I?, it's another piece of perfection! I've been wearing it every day and my little girl has been rather amused about it - 'Oh, Mummy, your dog jumper again!' (smile)...

I can't help it, it's totally adorable :)

Outfit details:

-boots - Stroll
- jeans - Joules
- jumper - Joules
- leather belt - Benetton
- top (underneath) - Playlife
- jacket - Boden
- gloves - Etsy
- scarf - local boutique
- beret - Seeberger
- corsage - craft shop in the capital

Enjoy the weekend, my dears!

P.S.: Birthday party for my girlfriends tomorrow night - so excited!


  1. i'm glad you found your perfect jeans! It's a great uniform all round.


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