Saturday, 28 September 2013

Out & About

A fortnight ago we visited  

We saw the magnificent cathedral 
with one of the most beautiful Gothic chapels.

The Pieta in the chapel is a truly magnificent work of art.

I had to take a photo of St Andrew, 
of course, the name patron of my boy ...

Then I had a good look at the ceiling. Oh my!

Later on we spent some time in the surrounding wooded hills. Came across a salamander (just spat out by a snake but my camera was too slow ...)!

On top of the hill there was a huge cross and a lovely sign ...

... with a little bell which of course was rung several times ...

Isn't it pretty?

The cross towers over the beautiful old city.

At the castle, there were some lovely shows for the tourists ...

... and we even spotted a very authentic jester!

We had a lovely day.


  1. Oh wow... i love to look at old churches Mojca. Just a few weeks ago i had the opportunity to take a tour of our churches and had the most amazing time.

    1. I read your post, it must have been amazing! I'd love to see your part of the world one day!


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