Friday, 27 September 2013

Tie-Print & Age-Appropriate Dressing

I was very much impressed with this pair of trousers (Cobalt Mosaic Tile) - the cut and the print, that is, not so much with the price. As I wasn't sure if I were actually brave enough to wear print on my bottom I decided not to go for them.

But when a while later I came across a slightly similar item at the local clothes store - and I could try the pair on, of course - I was delighted ... I'm not saying this is the most flattering piece of clothing I own but the trousers are fun to wear, that's for sure. And at a fraction of a price of the original "eye-catcher", I won't feel guilty if they only last a season ...

Another question has come up, though, whether in my early forties I'm not too old for something quite as loud. To be honest, I don't think I am and to be a bit more honest, I don't really care. 

To prove my point (to whom, I wonder) I've stacked my wrist with an abundance of pretty bracelets - another teenage thing - or maybe not? :)

Anyway, the trousers have quickly become a staple and my wardrobe offers tons and tons of styling possibilities. You'll definitely see more of them in the days & months to come!

I'm wearing:

- pointed flats - Next
- tie-print trousers - NKD
- leather belt - local supermarket
- white ruffle top - Boden
- cardigan - Boden
- scarf - Joules
- bracelets - all sorts!

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