Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sunday Colour Burst

What can I say? When it comes to colours I am no shrinking violet. I love my bright clothes even though sometimes I get an odd look or two in my direction. I'm no longer in my teens, you see ...

I love this outfit. The silk dress is festive enough to wear on any ocassion, depending on the accessories. With the yellow tie-front cardigan, it looks dressed down enough for daily wear; if I pair it with black accessories (not really my thing but it comes in handy sometimes) it is perfect for evenig wear. Oh, the versatility of my closet contents :)

I'm wearing:

- suede wedges - Deichmann 5th Avenue
- nude tights - local shop
- silk dress - Boden
- tie-front cardigan - Boden
- pink leather belt - local supermarket
- silk scarf (worn as headband) - Joules
- bike necklace - Etsy (Rockcakes)
- handmade corsage - Lucy Levenson
- jade beads - my Mum's
- ribbon bracelets - Boden
- mustard bead bracelet - Joules
- suede clutch - local boutique
- sunglasses - Boden

Once again, this post is not sponsored by Boden.
I'm a fan, that's all.
(I wish it were though ...)

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