Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bikes & Brooches

Saturday's outfit. Hard to believe it was warm enough to walk around dressed like this only a few days ago. It's tights, boots & Barbour jacket this week. And umbrellas. Yesterday evening I rode my bike to the first choir practice in the new season - I put on my hand-warmers and a hat...!!! It's the first week of September!!!

Anyway, Saturday was sunny and warm and I was able to observe my 'no-socks-or-tights-till-the-end-of-September' rule. It felt good. The outfit was very cycling-friendly.

I put on my lovely red polka dot dress-turned-into-skirt (what's with all the hyphens today?), my favourite apple green top and my comfortable jean jacket. Plus the uber-comfy sandals. I love summer.

As far as accessories go, I borrowed the golden bicycle pendant from my boy and put on two absolutely gorgeous and precious wooden brooches I'd recently purchased on Etsy.

The watch was a wedding present from a good friend - it came with a black leather strap. In the last fifteen years I've added brown, white, pink and red leather straps to my collection.

I'm wearing:

sandals - Leonora Passaro
skirt/dress - Benetton (girls' department)
top - Playlife
jean jacket - Urko (local brand)
skinny belt - H&M
sunglasses - M&S
watch - wedding present from a friend
golden bike pendant - borrowed from my boy
blackbird brooches - Fiona Macneil on Etsy (totally adore her shop!)

I miss you, sun!

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