Wednesday, 1 September 2010

That Skirt Again!

Yay, first day of school for the kiddies! My boy is starting the fourth grade and my little girl her very first year - she's very excited! I'm not quite sure what she'll be doing at school as she 's been able to read and write since she was four... She'll turn six in three weeks but sometimes she seems to be going on sixteen... She can be a very mature little girl. On the other hand, she really knows how to play and how to keep herself busy so I'm certain that she will find something to do in class as well...

This was Monday's outfit - before it got really cold and wet and my wedges had to be replaced by my well worn-in leather boots. It's got very cold and I'm afraid I won't be able to stick with my usual habit - no socks or tights until the end of September!

The pics were taken by my Dad in my parents' garden - the fence was hand-made by him (and I promised to mention the fact on my blog...). I really like this background, though, I'll try to use it more often from now on.

I'm wearing:

wedges - Marx
skirt - Boden
V-neck top - Playlife
denim jacket - Urko (local brand)
skinny belt - H&M
bag - Zara
angel pendant, earrings, bracelet

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