Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sabiona, Merano & San Candido...

... in Italian and Saeben, Meran & Innichen in German. Three gorgeous places with bilingual names.

Saeben is a stunning Benedictine nunnery on top of a hill - their 'holy mountain' - overlooking a precious little town of Chiusa in South Tyrol / Italy.

Meran is a spa town surrounded by mountains, well-known and appreciated for its mild climate.

There is absolutely breathtaking scenery all around.

Our last stop was a small market town of Innichen - delightful!

Even the local graveyard looked stylish...

There, enough about our trip. Usual blogging service (outfits, crafting, favourites...) resumes tomorrow.

Until then!

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  1. As odd as it may sound I actually adore that graveyard picture, there is something terribly lovely about it.


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