Friday, 24 February 2012

CWC Outerwear

This has been my outside version this week. I am totally, utterly and completely in love with my grey coat, a birthday present from me to me, purchased on our trip to Bratislava. I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous red buttons, and the cut was absolutely stunning. What was more, it fit perfectly, so we were meant to be... After winning the silver medal for our singing, even my husband didn't need much persuasion from my part - the coat was mine!

The cap and mittens set was hand-made and embroidered by my Mum, I got it for my birthday eleven years ago when I was pregnant with my boy. It's my favourite winter gear, I wear it all the time. It has so many qualities that I like in a piece of clothing (or accessory, for that matter) - hand-made, not brand new (going on vintage with that one, almost...), embroidered, a gift from someone I love... and I think it's really pretty.

The red handbag was a Christmas present, another one from me to me - I knew it would go really well with the coat the moment I spotted it. The third picture from top was actually an accident but I quite liked it so here you go...

I very much enjoyed this capsule wardrobe challenge. Looking forward to the next one!

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  1. Lovely snuggly hat and gloves - I admire your mum for embroidering them so beautifully!


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