Saturday, 29 June 2013

Absolutely Favourite

The dress, I mean. One of the best purchases ever. Boden's last year's sale. I fell in love with the colours and the style all over. It's just one of the prettiest items of clothing I've ever come across. 

It's funny how much one has to say about a dress, but there you go. I do realise there are more important things in life, though... Like matching cardigans... (kidding) :)

The dress was a tiny bit tight last summer so I didn't wear it, really, I just admired it hanged on my closet door. I lost a few pounds during the winter and now the dress fits like a dream :) I wear it constantly. I'll probably be known as 'the lady in that dress' in my hometown this summer...

I'm also rather in love with my Joules silk scarf and Boden bracelets (close-ups to follow). So many pretty things in one outfit, oh my!

Outfit details:

- suede wedges - Deichmann 5th Avenue
- nude tights - local shop
- dress - Boden
- cardigan - Boden
- leather tote - Boden
- silk scarf - Joules
- bracelets - Boden
- sunglasses - M&S


Thanks for taking your time!