Friday, 7 June 2013

Three Things

It's been a while since my last 'Three Things' post. I can't really remember when it was, actually. I like doing this, though. It reminds me to focus on not the most important, yet a-lot-of-joy-bringing things in life. Like silk scarves and cotton handkerchiefs and handmade brooches and skirts with house prints... you know, that kind of things.

- my silk scarf from a fair-trade shop 
in the capital, 
with the most precious 
dragonfly brooch from Dear Emma

- my beloved CK handkerchief 
with a sweet blue tit brooch 
from Dear Emma

- one of my recent purchases 
(love at first sight, obviously) - 
CK Seaside Cottage Stripe skirt!

Big day tomorrow :)

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  1. More than three beautiful things, Biba! The brooche is amazing and so is the scarf. And the skirt as well. I look forward to you wearing it.


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