Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Birthdays By The Riverside

The other weekend we spent a lovely afternoon at a riverside cabin not far away from our hometown. My two godsons were celebrating their 15th and 18th birthday respectively, and we were delighted to join the party. My boy and I cycled to the location (18 miles) as it was a gorgeous late-spring day. Which turned into a nasty cold rainy day in the afternoon but never mind :)

The birthday boys, two brothers, love B-B-Qing so they treated us to a delicious al fresco meal - with lots of yummy grilled vegetables! The cake was made by their Grandma, famous for her pastries - totally and utterly delicious, it was!

We ate, drank, talked, walked, played games and generally had a lovely time - another year cannot pass quickly enough! Or can it...?

- the riverside cabin

- some precious flora

- the river

- outfit of the day 
(fleece jacket & handkerchief 
around my neck - freezing!)

- we didn't cycle back home, I'm afraid :)

- a piece of art at the cabin

- footwear of the day

- football was played by both young & old :)

Once again, happy birthday, boys!

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