Friday, 1 October 2010

Feeling Comfy

One of this week's outfits. I only had one picture taken in the entire week, so there you go. I really like this outfit, it's really comfortable and suitable for the quickly-changing autumn weather. Sunny and warm one minute, pouring with rain two minutes later. Ah, well... I still love autumn, I guess it's my favourite season, with the vibrant colours and all.

My hair is rather messy, I'm not quite sure how to style it. I'd like to grow it a little bit longer again, but it's this middle stage that's really annoying. I'll think of something eventually. If nothing else, hat season is just outside the door. Yay!

I'm wearing:

brogues - Zara
skinny jeans - miss bonbon
belt - H&M
ruffle shirt - Sisley (girls' range)
cardi - local shop
angel pin - self-made
angel bracelet & earrings
watch - Axcent of Scandinavia
silver bracelets - will present them in a later post!

Have a great weekend, my dears!

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  1. Hi Mojca! If you send me a little piece of your Liberty fabric for the lining, I'll send you a little 'tweedie' pouch - sorry I've been a little absent 'online' recently - hope you enjoyed the South Tyrol - we had a lovely brief visit to the North Tyrol in Italy - fabulous!
    Alison xx


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