Monday, 30 August 2010

Weekend Wear

An awful lot of pictures today, so I'll go easy on the text. Still testing my picture-self-taking skills... The first lot is Saturday's outfit, the second one yesterday's.

Saturday (pics courtesy of my tiny tripod & timer):

flats - Nike
skirt - Labod (local brand)
stripy top - Zara
cardi - Zara
belt - TopShop
wooden beads - TwoWay
badges - Cath Kidston (Windsor Castle); Leonardo (Union Jack)

Sunday (pics courtesy of my husband):

sandals - Mum's hand-me-downs
dress (worn as skirt) - Benetton
ruffled blouse - Nara Camicie
belt - H&M
beaded bag - Benetton (Mum's)
angel pendant, bracelet


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  1. Love the red and navy, my favorite colors :)


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