Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Bazaar

Last week at my children's school. Both my boy and my little girl performed on stage as they both sing in the school choir. Together! It makes my heart melt when I see (and hear) them sing... It was a lovely performance and after that we could purchase some lovely Christmas decorations, hand-made by the school children. I couldn't resist, obviously. It was for a good cause, as well...

I got a lovely piece of hand-painted pottery - my little girl chose this particular bowl with white & silver decorations. Then I chose two pretty gift boxes - I can never resist any sort of polka dots... Can you?

Four Christmas tree decorations, one for each family member: the fairy is for my little girl (of course), the sugar cane is for my boy, Santa's boot for my husband, and I chose the red present for myself. So pretty!

I loved the wooden plaques as well. I might hang them on our tree, but then again I might not. There are so many places one can hang a Christmassy wooden plaque, aren't there?

Last but not least, two little creatures made of polymer clay, chosen by my children - the bumble bee for the girl and the penguin for the boy. Cute!

I love bazaars!

P.S.: The napkin was hand-embroidered by my Mum!

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