Friday, 10 December 2010

I Love Cupcakes!!!

I'm so excited!!! I participated in a lovely giveaway hosted by the wonderful S. from SimplyBike and guess what - I won!!! The prize is a bikebell from a Canadian company called dringdring - I get to choose my favourite design and, as you can well imagine, I've already done that! Ta-da!

I love reading S.'s blog, it's truly inspirational, and I also very much enjoy reading the blog she used to write on, academichic, which her friends continue to fill with all sorts of useful information on styling ideas and, most of all, great photos.

The choice for the prize was very difficult indeed - just look at all these scrumptious bells! In the end I decided for the green cupcake as green is my favourite colour and it will go well with all my bikes (sounds like I own far too many but I don't really - I have three, and I've already introduced the favourite one on this blog).

I'm really looking forward to bike-friendlier weather now!

Pictures courtesy of dringdring

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