Thursday, 2 December 2010

We Three Kings & Winter Gear

This is what I wear these days. Everything is still covered with snow, and on top of that, we've had plenty of rain. Charming combination, don't you think?

I'm constantly cold, so layering is key for my winter wardrobe. Like, here I'm wearing a pair of cotton socks, a pair of woolen knee-high socks and a pair of leg warmers...

On another note, I simply adore my new Three Wise Men brooch. It's my birthday brooch, see, and this is even better than the horoscope signs (which I don't particularly like, as a matter of fact).

On the topic of colours, another combination has 'found' me - I've had these earrings for years! The other day I was admiring the brooch and the colours appeared familiar... how could they not, as the very same colour combination had been worn before!

Given that there's an enormous amount of snow outside, I'm quite happy with this outfit. It still looks rather nice even though the weather calls for tough items of clothing. But give a girl some ruffles and she'll be as pleased as punch.

I'm wearing:

- shoes - local shop
- leg warmers - Benetton (ancient, from when I was at the university)
- skinny jeans - miss bonbon
- tunic - local shop
- shirt - Sisley (girls' range)
- Three Wise Men brooch - Etsy (Pinderella)


- jacket - H&M
-scarf - Benetton (birthday gift ages ago)
- beret - Seeberger
- corsage - jysk
- leather bag - Zara
- handwarmers - Etsy (Crafts2Cherish)
- angel pin

How are you handling the snow?

P.S.: As you can see, this was Monday outfit, taken in front of our still-sans-advent-wreath-front-door.

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  1. That 3 kings brooch is SO CUTEEEE
    You have the loveliest accessories Biba !


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