Monday, 20 December 2010

Sooo Pretty!!! - Part II.

OK, so I owe you an explanation of Friday's post. The gorgeous images are the work of my incredibly talented cousin, a children's book illustrator. She has produced a series of cards, lively and colourful, suitable for Christmas wishes, and also Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries... the possibilities are endless (the exception is the image below which is entirely Christmassy). If interested, you can purchase the cards directly from her; I'm afraid at this point the offer is only available to Slovenian readers and if you're interested you can check my Facebook page where you will find contact information.

As I've said, my cousin is a brilliant artist and I'm happy to say that we have a joint project! To be honest, it's nothing new, really, it's just that I'm quite terrible at self-promotion. Anyway, we've published five children's books together (so far)! So, yay, I'm a published author!!! The books are really pretty (you can have a taste of the illustrations by checking my cousin's cards) and I'm extremely proud of them, but, as I've said, I'm not a seller, I just keep them at home and admire them... Well, I've spoken now so I'll have to present them on my blog at one point, right? I will, I promise. They're only available in Slovenian at this point but who knows... I'll keep saying: Stay tuned!

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  1. These illustrations are so wonderful and congrats to you also a lot of talent!


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