Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wreaths - A Year On

Oh my, it feels like I've only just posted this. And it was a year ago! My thoughts on the subject have not changed in the past year, so I'll just let you enjoy reading last year's post... The wreaths, of course, are new this year!

The one on our dining room table was hand-made by my little girl & me!!! I'd never actually made a 'proper' wreath before, but this year there was an advent-wreath-making workshop at my daughter's school, and we attended... It was lovely! There was a professional florist giving instructions, with all much needed materials at hand. I made the wreath and my crafty little girl chose the decoration. You can tell, can't you, with pretty little cream & pink baubles, and tiny golden stars! I love our family advent wreath this year!

The one on our front door is very similar to our last year's one, only that I've decorated it with a sweet Christmas fairy instead of a nutcracker. It was a boys' wreath last year and we're having a girly one this year...

As there's no name plaque on the door as long as we have our wreath I've put a little Christmas nametag above the door bell. Just in case...

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