Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Beige & Brown

Another outfit from last week.

Thursday. The next morning I wasn't able to get out of bed.

I already felt extremely bad when the pictures were taken.

Right after the 'photo shoot' I put on my pyjamas and went to sleep...

Still managed a smile, though!

I'm wearing:

- boots - Bata
- tights - Polzela (local brand)
- knee-high socks - Burlington
- petticoat - summer skirt, re-fashioned from a dress
- sweater dress - local shop
- skinny leather belt - H&M
- floral & birds top - Zara
- beret - Seeberger
- thistle brooch - Scottish!
- cameo brooch - gift from husband when our boy was born
- angel bracelet
- earrings - local shop


- jacket - local shop
- belt - local shop
- pashmina - Kokoska (local brand)
- bag - Barbour
- mittens - hand-made & embroidered by my Mum!

Getting better every day :)


  1. Another fab outfit! You put me to shame I'm stuck with my maternity clothes beibg far too big and my normal seeming too uncomfortable!

  2. oh dear, hope you are feeling better soon. That is such a pretty ensemble!The blouse is wonderful.

  3. Thank you for your kind words, Kelly and Teeny! I'm feeling much better today :)

  4. How very pretty.... it's angel like :)

  5. Thank you, Lorena, how very kind!


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