Monday, 7 February 2011

Weekly Gratitude & Jewellery Week

I've decided to participate in lovely Tatiana's great project called 'Weekly Gratitude'. Every week, Mondays will be my gratitude days, I'm going to reflect on what I'm grateful for at that particular point in my life. As this is my first entry, I'll list some things I'm grateful for in my life in general:

- my wonderful husband and our two beautiful and precious children

- our home

- our kiddies' Grandmas & Grandpa (we lost one last summer)

- the fact that I'm able to work from home and take care of our children

- my blogging friends from all over the world

The other project I'm taking part in this week is 'The Jewellery Week', started by the lovely ladies at Academichic. I've decided to start with my favourite pieces of jewellery that I basically never leave my home without - the pictures have not been taken today but I'm definitely wearing these pieces as we speak (or read or write...).

1. my rings: the wedding band, the eternity band & the diamond ring

My husband & I chose simple golden bands for our wedding rings almost fifteen and a half years ago. We have each other's names and our wedding date engraved on the inside.

I got the eternity band for our sixth wedding anniversary which we celebrated the year our son was born.
The diamond ring was a family heirloom, I got it from my parents when I was pregnant with our son. It was really old and fragile and it fell apart because of constant wear so when I was expecting our daughter my husband had it re-made. I wear these rings all the time.
My engagement ring is a lovely golden band with gold leaves and three tiny pearls which form a little blossom (!) but it's rather fragile as well and I don't wear it anymore. It's kept safe in my jewellery box.

2. my angel pendant: my Mum bought it for herself but I fell in love with this particular angel (on a swing!) so when I bought mine we swapped!

3. my 'flower' ring & angel bracelet: the flower on the ring (I'm not sure which stone it is, it's pink) came on a bracelet I got from my parents-in-law when my girl was born. As my wrists are tiny and the bracelet was too big I had the stone removed from the bracelet and put on my late paternal Grandmother's wedding band. I wear this ring all the time as well.

I made the angel bracelet myself. The angels came as a brooch but I really wanted to wear them on my wrist. I came across a necklace made of these lovely green stones which were the same colour as the angels' garments and 're-fashioned' the two pieces of jewellery into another favourite.

The bagpipes no longer live on the silver chain bracelet. They're part of a necklace now. I wonder what's in store for them next...


Thanks for taking your time!