Friday, 11 February 2011

Jewellery Memories

No pics today, sorry. My computer has been extremely poorly today (still alive but asleep most of the time...) so I'm working from my husband's machine. I don't have my stash of pictures here and I don't really know how to deal with pics in the new environment... Ah well, can't have it all. But since my last two posts were sans text it may balance out nicely, right?

Anyway, as it's the final day of the jewellery week I thought I might put down a few memories I have on jewellery. Jewellery is very important to me. I have always observed accessories as symbols and I always choose mine with lots and lots of care. Not a lot of consideration, though, as it comes really natural to me what to put together.

Sometimes I feel I have chosen an overload of accessories but whenever I do I usually get complimented on my choice. People often tell me that they would never dare to put on so many and such different pieces but they are always thrilled with the result they see on me. Compliments like these give me confidence to continue with my choices.

I have always loved jewellery & accessories. Some of my earliest memories as a little girl are those of my Mum's multiple colourful strings of wooden beads, tight in a huge knot. And pretty clip-on earrings. Always clip-ons; my Mum only had her ears pierced at the age of sixty (which was almost ten years ago) - she had wanted a pair of simple pearl studs and they were our present for her but she wasn't comfortable with pierced ears and she'd only worn those studs for a very short time, then it was back to clip-ons. Her earlobes no longer show any traces of piercing... She's always had a gorgeous collection of clip-on earrings. Before I had my ears pierced, at the age of thirteen, I'd used to borrow some of her earrings, even then, at the very start of my adolescence.

Another type of accessory I remember from my childhood are wooden bangles. My Mum loved them, she still does, and can't resist a pretty bangle if she comes across one in a shop. She rarely wears expensive jewellery (even though she is in the possession of some absolutely stunning pieces) and I must say I take completely after her. There was a time in my early twenties when I had the affinity for golden jewellery but thankfully not for long. I so much more prefer inexpensive colourful pieces which, however, often have enormous emotional and symbolical value for me. I like crafting my own jewellery and I absolutely have to wear accessories that remind me of my favourites, be it people, places or activities.

I have also grown very fond of wooden bead necklaces with huge knots in the recent years... Like Mum, like daughter...


  1. A lovely post! I agree, jewellery can totally make an outfit, and it doesn't have to be expensive at all as you say. Apart from a couple of special pieces, all my collection has been chosen for colour and simply because the pieces caught my eye - mostly cheap and cheerful beads! Have a lovely weekend, xxx

  2. In jaz tudi imam zeeeeelo rada nakit. Vecinoma nakit dobim za darilo (moj Ljubi ima neverjetno dober okus, in vedno mi izbere prelepe uhani:), ali si naredim sama. Moj nakit je preprost in zelo pisan:) Rada imam velike uhani:-)
    Mislim da nakit je zelo pomemben del - s nakitom lahko spremenimo celoten videz. Dovolj je crna majca in preprosta kiklica ali hlace, a nakit spremeni vse v eleganten ali hippi videz:)

  3. Jenny - thank you, it's nice to hear that simple & inexpensive accessories are appreciated!

    Marysia - a ni krasen občutek, ko sam ustvariš željeni kos nakita? Še lepši pa seveda, če ga dobiš v dar od ljubljene osebe... :)

    Avy - I completely understand why!

  4. Hi Mojca - long time, no hear! Sorry I haven't visited for some time. I really enjoyed reading your post though, with or without pictures!
    Alison x

  5. Thank you, Alison! And I must tell you one more time how much I love my tweedie pouch!

  6. I liked reading this.
    For me jewelry tells a history and is in a way your companion through life.
    It doesn't matter if its gold or silver or wood.
    I enjoy all kinds of pieces and love them even more if they have been worn and handed down in the family.


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