Thursday, 3 February 2011

Three Things - Refashioned

Perhaps 'refashioned' is too strong a word, I should say embellished, I guess. Anyway, here goes:

- my pretty new Harris Tweed pouch made by my blogging friend Alison: I just had to add a red accessory, I think the Harris Tweed label actually calls for it! And for my favourite pouch the favourite angel brooch was an obvious choice! Don't miss the tassels, of course...

- two 'new' necklaces - I've had the elements of the left one for ages, just never worn together like that: my silver Britain, the bagpipes, a green glass heart for the green British pastures and a thistle-coloured bead - need I say more? The necklace on the right is my latest acquisition, but I changed the wire for the 'sporran chain' - I like long chains for bigger pendants and these two, methinks, make a great pair!

- my old tweedy coat with new Harris Tweed buttons! The buttons used to live on my trenchcoat which now sports some Liberty buttons, and the Harris Tweed ones were meant for this coat, don't you think? How come I never thought of this before...?

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