Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I've Been A Good Girl

I must have been a good girl this year. This is what I got from Father Christmas:

1 A gorgeous silk bag from a local crafter - beyond gorgeous, actually! I spotted it at our local Christmas Fair a while ago and told my little girl I'd write a letter to Father Christmas and ask for it. Guess what! She did it for me, and the bag was right there, under the tree (with a little help of the elf, looking very much like myself, but who cares?)...

2 Another gorgeous handmade thing - a pair of Fairisle gloves from Etsy seller helengraydesigns. One of the nicest sellers I've ever come across, as well! The gloves are stunning, and so warm!

3 A 'lipstick' lamp from Varta. This was a real surprise from my husband! I keep it with me at all times when I go out in the dark, it's really handy.

4 Last but not least, a necessity for my skin in the winter months. I go through masses of this particular hand cream, it's one of the few that actually works for me.

Thank you so much, Father Christmas :)

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