Saturday, 6 April 2013

Easter Goodies

In the week after Easter I'm still allowing myself to post about our Easter weekend - first the yummy food! I made the traditional Simnel cake (not traditional in Slovenia, but traditional for me since it's a British tradition, ha! :) and two batches of Hot Cross Buns (another British tradition in my family...). My husband and my little girl did the egg-colouring business. Surprisingly, with all my love for crafting, I've never really enjoyed colouring Easter eggs. I'm glad my daughter is looking forward to it every year :)

Apart from these, we also had traditional ham baked in bread, grated horseradish and spring onions, and my M-i-L made the delicious traditional (Slovenian this time) walnut cake roll. We took the food to church for the blessing.

Obviously, most of the food has been eaten by now, but there might be one or two forgotten Hot Cross Buns in the tin, and plenty of the walnut cake roll left, should you fancy stopping by for a cuppa!

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