Monday, 8 April 2013

For A Change

Today, for a change, let me post one of my daughter's outfits. She always looks adorable, naturally :), but I thought she was particularly gorgeous in this ensemble:

Well, perhaps we should have swapped her Hello Kitty slippers for something more elegant (she did wear her chocolate brown leather boots to school...) but hey - not everything can be perfect. And after all, they're a great match, aren't they?

Outfit details:

- top - hand-me-down from her cousin (sooo pretty, isn't it?)
- tulip skirt - Next
- tights - local clothes shop
- Hello Kitty slippers - local supermarket :)

And while we're on the subject, let me share some of my little girl's creativity. This is how she prepares her snack (banana & chocolate eggs; she likes her food to be yummy AND look good...):

She certainly did :)

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