Thursday, 28 October 2010

Pink & More Accessories

Still blogging for the Breast Cancer Awareness (I do love the homophone part in the logo, though, isn't it witty?). Again only the top part of my outfit today. I thought it would look really good with nothing else but bright pink everywhere. Ah well...

Last year I participated in a charity challenge for breast cancer awareness - I made a bracelet which had to include an element of pink - I made a simple string of wooden beads with a light pink ribbon. It was lovely! It didn't win, obviously, as it wasn't sophisticated enough, but it was the simplicity of the piece that I really liked. I'm sorry I never took a picture of it - I might recreate it one day (the one sent to the challenge was not returned, of course). Perhaps next time I should try something like this:

I do hope that campaigns like these make people more aware of health issues. We never know what awaits us and at which point in our lives. My boy has a friend in his class whose mum is in recovery from breast cancer. She's lost all her hair during the chemo, but it's growing back already - it's completely grey at this point and I love it. Even though grey hair is associated with old age, in her case it's a sign of a new life, hopefully cancer-free!

Her youngest son is only nine, same age as mine. May he be able to hold his mum's hand for years to come...

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  1. oh that is a sad and happy story. May we be kept safe.


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