Monday, 5 November 2012

A Month...

...that's how long I've been absent, my dear blogging friends. Life taking over, as usual. Some health issues in the family which were rather time-consuming. I'm still here, though, and I've been following your blogs, adding an odd comment or two.

First of all, I must tell you that I'm the lucky winner of Franca's giveaway! The umbrella embroidery arrived last Saturday and it's beyond sweet. Thank you so much, Franca!

I hope to be able to blog more frequently in November, there are many things on my mind (and in my camera), so here's to another month (last but one in 2012, yikes!)...

I'll give you a hint what else has made me really happy in the last month (apart from reading your blogs, of course) - a brand new leather handbag, hand-made in Britain (and you know what this means to me, right?)!!! Here's the beauty, I've borrowed the images from its Etsy seller:

Isn't it pretty, with the lining and all?

Thank you for your patience. Have a lovely week!


  1. That lovely bag would make me rather happy too! M x

  2. I have a bag from that seller too! glad you like the embroidery!

  3. Lovely bag - got to be Boden or Clarks.
    Welcome back. You have been missed.

  4. Ooooh, that's lovely! Wondered where you'd got to! Hope the family are on the mend and feeling better :)
    Alison x


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