Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cats & Dogs

This photo is a reminder of the lovely summery weather we had - a sure thing of the past for 2012! November has started with torrential rains, many parts of our little country have been affected; luckily, the south, where we live, has been spared so far. My heart goes out to all those people whose homes have been badly damaged in the last couple of days.

Amidst all this rain the sun actually managed to take a short peek at our little land, just after lunch today. I grabbed the opportunity and took a brisk walk round my favourite neighbourhood - close to where I took the picture of this tree several years ago. I'm grateful for my home  - and saying a prayer for every person who's lost it in the past week.

P.S.: Thank you for all your warm welcome-back comments, my dear friends. It's good to be missed :)

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