Saturday, 10 November 2012

Calendar Cakes Part Two

OK, it's July, right? Making Frosted Fruit Cake! This one was dead-easy to make and incredibly yummy as well. An ordinary 'light and airy sponge cake' with mixed berries covered in sugar on top. So refreshing.

A totally and completely delicious Summer Shortcake for August. Oh my, this was basically a giant shortbread biscuit with strawberries and cream. Still thinking about it...

I made a tasty & juicy Plum Cake (something along the lines of this recipe) in September - just in time for my little girl's birthday (this was only a side cake, of course, in case we ran out of the big three-tiered 'proper' birthday' cake - chocolate, please...; we didn't).

The picture does not really do it justice - the cake was really good but it did not look so, unfortunately. The plums were supposed to be showing through but they all sank into the batter...

The October recipe featured Halloween Muffins - made with pumpkin flesh from the Jack-o-Lanterns, with ginger frosting and marshmallow & sugarpaste 'Halloween' decorations (think little ghosts and stars and skulls - I didn't actually make the decorations because I couldn't get any marshmallows or sugarpaste on short notice :( ). I was again clever enough not to take any pictures before they were consumed. I was told they were absolutely delicious...

Two more to go until the end of the year! Dundee Cake in November and a Festive Yule Log (covered in chocolate...) in December. Will keep you posted!

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